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Superintendent Reykdal: “Our efforts to improve school funding and student achievement have only just begun”

Superintendent Chris Reykdal released the following statement in response to the ongoing teacher strikes taking place throughout Washington.  The 2018–19 school year is off and...Read More

Key concerns emerge during Legislative Task Force on Public Record’s first meeting

The Legislative Task Force on Public Records held its first meeting on Wednesday in Olympia. The meeting was the first of potentially four meetings scheduled...Read More

Morning Wire: Amazon, budget requests, WPUDA

This week we have an update on the latest in teacher strikes and negotiations, an outlook on agency budget requests, and details on the emergence...Read More

WPUDA: Why we sponsor the Re-Wire Policy Conference

The Washington Public Utility Districts Association is once again proud to sponsor the Washington State Wire Re-Wire Conference. As an Association for not-for-profit, community-owned utilities...Read More

Supreme Court’s I-940 decision allows ballot printing to proceed

In the wake of last week’s ruling on Initiative 1639, the Washington Supreme Court has issued another ruling that clears the way for ballots and...Read More

Morning Wire: 5th CD, “Why we sponsor the Wire,” teacher strikes

We have seven things curated for you this week, each of which we think is worth your time.  Most track Washington State politics, but we...Read More

Most egregious claims made against Manweller in investigative report

Central Washington fired Representative Matt Manweller after receiving a full investigative report into allegations of misconduct and harassment made against the Representative. Manweller then sued...Read More

New data visualization tool on global temperature increases

The latest data visualization tool to show the relative temperature changes over the last century is as interesting from a graphic and imagery tool as...Read More

Two “must read” stories from John McCain’s career

You think you know about John McCain.  But there are probably some stories that may not be so fresh in your mind after some years...Read More

Why we support the Washington State Wire and Re-Wire

David Streeter of Washington Nonprofits explains the unique value of the Wire, and why his organization has signed up to be a sponsor of the...Read More