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With limited options to generate revenue, Seattle City Councilmember says head tax was best option

City Councilmembers discuss Seattle's regressive tax structure and their limited ability to generate new revenue in a progressive way....Read More

Inslee signs executive order to protect Washington workers

The order directs Washington State agencies to consider when contracting with businesses whether the business can demonstrate or certify that its employees are not required...Read More

Despite head tax repeal, Sens. Schoesler and O’Ban to continue moving forward with new tax legislation

Senators Schoesler and O’Ban say they will continue moving forward with the separate tax bills they have proposed in response to the tax....Read More

Morning Wire: head tax repeal, CA primary, culvert case

Lessons from California’s primary election, budget questions about Washington’s nearly 20-year-old culvert case, and a surprising move to repeal Seattle's head tax are all teed...Read More

With split vote, Supreme Court affirms state’s culvert case ruling

By a 4-4 split vote, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the 9th Circuit’s ruling in Washington’s long-running culvert case. The split vote upholds the lower...Read More

Seattle City Council will meet Tuesday to consider repealing head tax

Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell has scheduled a special meeting for Tuesday to consider legislation to repeal the city’s controversial head tax. The summary...Read More

Four Washington mayors call on DOJ and DHS to end “zero-tolerance” immigration policy

Over twenty-five mayors and county leaders from across the country, including four mayors from Washington State, have signed a letter calling on the DOJ and...Read More

Equal Pay Opportunity Act becomes law

The Equal Pay Opportunity Act, a long awaited update to the 1943 Equal Pay Act, went into effect Thursday....Read More

Supreme Court rules legislature finally in full compliance with the McCleary decision

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that the state has fulfilled its paramount duty and is now in full compliance with the McCleary decision. The court...Read More

Schoesler says Republican senators will work to ensure Washington remains best place for aerospace

Senator Schoesler offered this response to the governor’s announcement that highlighted a study characterizing Washington as the best place to build airplanes...Read More