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Interview with Sen. John Braun: Collective bargaining agreements & budget-writing across the aisle

Sen. Braun on how collective bargaining agreements impacted the budget and what it was like working with Ways & Means Chair Sen. Christine Rolfes....Read More

Interview with Sen. John Braun: The 2019-21 Budget

"...broadly, we just spent way more money than we should have. We raised enormous new taxes to do that, and my concern is that this...Read More

Proposed Washington state rule would restore labor protections for thousands of overtime-exempt workers

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has formally filed a proposed rule that would restore overtime protections for thousands of Washington workers....Read More

Washington’s Indian Health Improvement Act, explained

The Washington State Legislature passed SB 5415, the “Washington Indian Health Improvement Act,” unanimously through both chambers in the 2019 legislative session. The new bipartisan...Read More

Morning Wire: Clean energy, Reporter position, Bob Ferguson

Some of the most important topics in Washington State politics, written with smart brevity, for your quick read....Read More

Want to join the team?

Interested in a conversation with us at the Wire about joining our team? We'd love to chat....Read More

What’s next for a low-carbon fuel standard

Washington legislators gave an update on efforts to establish a clean fuel standard last week....Read More

Op-ed: Small business owners stand to win big from T-Mobile and Sprint merger

Frank Selden, an attorney in Bothell, Washington, writes in support of a T-Mobile/Sprint merger....Read More

Where Senate Dems’ plan to “fix our tax code” stands now

The bill would’ve introduced a capital gains tax and used the resulting revenue to fund several specified tax-relief efforts. But, it didn’t see any action...Read More

Op-ed: Making the 100% clean energy law work for Washington

A 100% clean energy bill passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor guides the state toward a 100% carbon free electricity grid, but...Read More