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Senate “uniform faithful presidential electors act” moves out of committee

While the Washington Supreme Court evaluates recent arguments in a “faithless electors” case, a bill that would change the laws governing presidential electors is moving...Read More

Q&A with Rep. Paul Harris on Tobacco 21, his vaccine bill, and being a “weird Republican”

Rep. Paul Harris represents Washington’s 17th legislative district, covering eastern Vancouver and other parts of southwest Clark County. Harris has held his seat in the...Read More

Chopp sponsors bill to launch plans for UW behavioral health campus

House Speaker Frank Chopp testified for a bill on which he’s the lead sponsor Tuesday. The speaker has said that the bill, which would allow...Read More

Redistricting: Tracking state elections and legislative composition

The 2018 “blue wave” midterms saw increased Democratic representation in many state legislatures, including Washington State’s. Put in a broader context, though, some gains for...Read More

A survey of state gerrymandering cases

The 2010 census, and the redistricting that followed, prompted a series of lawsuits challenging state district maps. As the country approaches the 2020 census and...Read More

Liz Lovelett picked to represent 40th Legislative District

Anacortes City Council member Liz Lovelett was selected Tuesday to fill the vacancy in the 40th Legislative District in the state senate. Lovelett, in her...Read More

Morning Wire: Redistricting, public option, Sen. Slade Gorton

Last month, our team of reporters posted 48 original stories at the Wire. These covered politics, policy, and political economy. They featured stories, perspectives, and...Read More

Wire Insider: SeaTac City Councilmember Peter Kwon

SeaTac City Councilmember Peter Kwon joins us as a “Wire Insider” to discuss affordable housing, one of the paramount priorities for both parties this legislative...Read More

Podcast: A Conversation with Former U.S. Senator Slade Gorton

Slade Gorton began his political career in 1958 as a Washington state representative, and was elected Attorney General of Washington ten years later. He served...Read More

Reflecting on the legacy of Slade Gorton’s role in redistricting

Reflections on the impact of Slade Gorton on Washington State's redistricting....Read More