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How Perez won in CD3

We’ll never know exactly which set of campaign tactics carried Democratic newcomer Marie Gluesenkamp Perez to her unlikely win in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District. But...Read More

An unusual bipartisan play in the 44th

In these polarized times, players in Washington politics mostly back one party or the other. And even for those few who play both sides of...Read More

A new tactic vs the capital gains tax

There’s a new skirmish in the ongoing legal fight against the capital gains tax. A conservative legal advocacy group is threatening to take the Department...Read More

Inslee’s unintentionally stealth Nordic trip

I spent the last couple of weeks kinda-sorta keeping track of things from one of the more remote corners of Europe, so I largely missed...Read More

The Sunday Observer: An initiative strategy from the right for sweeping change

We’re hearing from operatives on both sides of the aisle that this is likely to be a big year for Republican candidates for the Legislature,...Read More

The Sunday Observer: More on the folding of the capital gains tax repeal initiative

In a highly unusual move, the most high-profile ballot initiative campaign in Washington this year, the challenge to the capital gains tax, quietly folded last...Read More

A bloodless victory in Eastern Washington

If you think of politics as a kind of permanent war without actual bloodshed, then the most famous line from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of...Read More

From The Observer: Trump endorsement doesn’t equal cash for Culp

Donald Trump’s endorsement didn’t do much to enliven failed gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp’s dwindling ability to squeeze money out of his base of small conservative...Read More

From the Observer: More big money for the capital gains tax repeal

The people with skin in the game are starting to play in the ballot initiative campaign to repeal Washington’s new capital gains tax.  The latest filing to...Read More

The Sunday Observer: How the hospitals held off the nurses’ unions

One of the biggest fights in the Legislature this year was between the Washington Hospital Association and the unions that represent nurses and nursing assistants...Read More