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Supremes grant stay of cap gains tax ruling

The Washington Supreme Court granted a stay of a lower court’s ruling that the state’s new capital gains tax is unconstitutional, giving proponents of the...Read More

A new tactic vs the capital gains tax

There’s a new skirmish in the ongoing legal fight against the capital gains tax. A conservative legal advocacy group is threatening to take the Department...Read More

The Sunday Observer: More on the folding of the capital gains tax repeal initiative

In a highly unusual move, the most high-profile ballot initiative campaign in Washington this year, the challenge to the capital gains tax, quietly folded last...Read More

Capital gains tax repeal campaign folds

The ballot initiative campaign to repeal Washington’s capital gains tax has quietly folded for the year.  A spokesman for Repeal the Capital Gain Income Tax,...Read More

OpEd: Economic and policy experts argue against repealing the capital gains tax

Editor’s Note: We enjoy hosting a robust debate here at the Washington State Wire. The capital gains tax enacted by the Legislature last year, and...Read More

From the Observer: More big money for the capital gains tax repeal

The people with skin in the game are starting to play in the ballot initiative campaign to repeal Washington’s new capital gains tax.  The latest filing to...Read More

The real capital gains tax repeal initiative appears

Looks like we’re going to have that ballot-measure throwdown over the capital gains tax after all. Without fanfare, Repeal the Capital Gains Income Tax, a...Read More

Judge strikes down capital gains tax

Conservative opponents of the capital gains tax got what they were looking for out in Douglas County — a full-throated declaration that the tax adopted...Read More

I-5 bridge politics: Senate Transportation votes to delay fuel tax on Oregonians

That plan to tax gasoline and other fuels exported from Washington apparently isn’t going over too well in the places where the tax would be...Read More

An election-year tax holiday proposal

Lawmakers are full of ideas this year about how to spend the state’s significant budget surplus, some of them with an eye fixed firmly on...Read More