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New Studies Will Test Flexibility of “Simpson Concept” for Salmon & Dams

Last month, US Representative Mike Simpson (R – Idaho) surprised many Northwesterners when he announced a $33.5 billion concept to breach (i.e., remove) the four...Read More

WSLC: Vaccinate all public-facing workers

Washington State Labor Council President Larry Brown issued the following statement today in response to directives from President Joe Biden and Gov. Jay Inslee to...Read More

Op-ed: An Unexpected GOP Impeachment Hero

It’s said in the Armed Forces that soldiers who show conspicuous bravery in battle often aren’t the ones known as the toughest around the barracks....Read More

Op-ed: Why Direct Cash is a Critical Mental Health Strategy

During this past year of global health crises and economic pressure, we have seen a growing awareness of the importance of mental health. For many,...Read More

Mercier: Tax reform doesn’t mean tax increases

There has been a lot of discussion this session about tax reform. With a balanced budget and revenue projected to grow by more than 7%...Read More

Op-Ed: SB 5020 Includes Group Known for Discriminatory Practices

The cost of health care is high. Too high. There is discussion by federal and state lawmakers about policies to lower costs to protect patients...Read More

A physician’s response: should registered nurse practitioners be reimbursed at the same rate as physicians?

On behalf of Physicians for Patient Protection, a grassroots group of over 12,000 practicing physicians and medical students, we would like to clarify several points...Read More

An abbreviated history of budget reconciliation

Budget reconciliation – the oft-used pathway for expediting tax and spending legislation through Congress – may be poised for another star turn on the national...Read More

Opinion: Washington state is already leading the nation on the future of gig work

I’ve been working in the gig economy as an Uber and Lyft driver for 6 years. For a brief time, the promise of decent pay...Read More

Opinion: Olympia should lead the nation on the future of gig work

As a retiree on a fixed income, driving with Uber offers me the perfect way to earn supplemental income. When I want to work I...Read More