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Keeping the lights on as we transition to a clean energy future – lessons from California

Recently, the state of California took the extraordinary step of walking back its clean energy laws and federal environmental regulations as the state’s electricity needs...Read More

NW Parkinson’s Foundation ED on Budget & Healthcare Negotiations in Congress

As leader of the NW Parkinson’s Foundation, I hear every day that Americans are paying too much for prescription drugs. And they’re eager for Congress to do...Read More

OP-ED: Slade Gorton & The 9/11 Commission: A Unity of Purpose

As our nation this past weekend recognized 20 years since that infamous day in 2001, Washingtonians should also reflect upon our own unique tie to...Read More

New “Big Tech” Regulations Could Crush Startups

My entrepreneurial itch started in high school. I sold candy to classmates to earn extra cash. Today, I run an online rental marketplace that allows...Read More

Felix Sitthivong

OP-ED: The Washington State Justice System Needs Real Change

This July, the Washington State Department of Corrections began reducing capacity in prisons across the state as it faced increased pressure from the legislature and...Read More

Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?

A Torturous Past It has taken about twenty years and one (2021) very crazy and unprecedented legislative session to allow certain public agencies to provide...Read More

Time for Congress to take action on hate crimes bill

A bipartisan group of elected officials in Congress introduced legislation on April 8 designed to help fight back against hate crimes across the country. It’s...Read More

Washington will become second state to adopt cap-and-trade law. But what happens next really matters

Climate advocates in Washington are celebrating the passage of a second-in-the-nation economy-wide carbon pricing bill, which Governor Inslee is eager to sign. The legislation won...Read More

Zeiger: A Call to Reform Emergency Powers

Following the 2016 Cascadia Rising exercise led by the Washington Military Department in preparation for a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, I learned about limitations on...Read More

Op-ed: Pass the Climate Commitment Act on Earth Day

On April 22, Earth Day, the Washington State House will vote on the Climate Commitment Act (SB 5126).  This is the best climate legislation, with...Read More