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43rd L.D. candidate Claire Torstenbo: “Finding a Cure for Washington State’s Mental Health Crisis”

Claire Torstenbo is a Republican candidate running for State Representative of the 43rd Legislative District. In this op-ed, Torstenbo offers her proposal for improving Washington’s...Read More

State revenue forecast up $298 million but trade war threat looms

Washington's economy continues to outperform the nation, but the threat of a trade war puts a damper on the good news from today's state revenue forecast. ...Read More

Jim Boldt on homelessness in Washington: Homeless McCleary?

Jim Boldt wrote the following commentary on the state's role in providing funding to address homelessness. ...Read More

Op-ed: Now is the Time to Electrify Public Vehicle Fleets

Matthew Metz wrote the following op-ed in reference to Coltura's recent report on Washington State's public fleet electric vehicle compliance....Read More

Jim Boldt on the Seattle City Council: The Problem of Ear Plugs, Small Tables and Never Looking Past Your Porch 

Jim Boldt's commentary makes the case that the Seattle City Council is ignoring data-driven, evidence-based solutions to address homelessness....Read More

Padden: “Sacrificing public safety to score points against Trump”

Many people were surprised by a recent disclosure that the state Department of Licensing would no longer provide Social Security numbers for the database that...Read More

Next steps for vetoed tax transparency website

Jason Mercier wrote the following commentary on Inslee’s veto of a new tax transparency website from the 2018 supplemental budget....Read More

Lawsuit filed against budget reserve gimmick

Jason Mercier is the Director of the Center for Government Reform at Washington Policy Center. He wrote the following commentary on the recent lawsuit filed against...Read More

I-940 and HB 3003: From unconstitutional to a mockery in twenty-four hours

Jim Boldt, President of Duckabush Communications/Public Affairs, wrote the following opinion piece on HB 3003 and I-940.  The Beef: Initiative 940, an initiative to the legislature, has...Read More

The Emperor Has No Clothes!! HB 3003

Jim Boldt, President of Duckabush Communications/Public Affairs, wrote the following opinion piece about HB 3003, a bill to alter Washington’s use of deadly force law. ...Read More