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Reviewing predictions for 2018

With the new legislative session now underway, it’s somewhat entertaining to come up with a set of prediction for the upcoming 105 days. That is...Read More

Governor Inslee’s Public Option Plan

Last week, Governor Inslee announced his plan to add a public option to health insurance plans offered in the Washington State Health Benefits Exchange. Democrats...Read More

Creating space for constructive disagreement on policy

The hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, including the testimony from Dr. Chrstine Blasey Ford,  created a watershed moment for American...Read More

Emily Boerger: “Why I write for the Wire”

I wasn’t expecting to cover state politics when I graduated from journalism school. In fact, I pursued my journalism degree specifically to write about science....Read More

Two “must read” stories from John McCain’s career

You think you know about John McCain.  But there are probably some stories that may not be so fresh in your mind after some years...Read More

Why we support the Washington State Wire and Re-Wire

David Streeter of Washington Nonprofits explains the unique value of the Wire, and why his organization has signed up to be a sponsor of the...Read More

Marjie High: Why I write for the Wire

I write for justice. Justice that I believe lies in equity, fairness, opportunity, and consistency, all easy to overlook without connections to those who are...Read More

43rd L.D. candidate Claire Torstenbo: “Finding a Cure for Washington State’s Mental Health Crisis”

Claire Torstenbo is a Republican candidate running for State Representative of the 43rd Legislative District. In this op-ed, Torstenbo offers her proposal for improving Washington’s...Read More

State revenue forecast up $298 million but trade war threat looms

Washington's economy continues to outperform the nation, but the threat of a trade war puts a damper on the good news from today's state revenue forecast. ...Read More

Jim Boldt on homelessness in Washington: Homeless McCleary?

Jim Boldt wrote the following commentary on the state's role in providing funding to address homelessness. ...Read More