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Op-ed: Is an income tax on special session agenda?

TVW recently interviewed the top budget writers in the Senate about the state’s budget outlook and the possibility of a special session. In one interview,...Read More

Op-ed: Local life science industry contributions to COVID-19 response

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the country, Washington is making progress toward recovery. Our state was ground zero for the first confirmed case in the...Read More

Op-ed: Supporting people’s health through a long-term state Recovery Rebate

Cash stimulus is a powerful health policy solution to economic hardship, and is all the more critical as hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians lose their...Read More

Op-ed: Washington cities need the other Washington to step up and partner to save lives and the economy

Washington’s 281 cities and towns currently face unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. But some federal leaders have put our plight on the back burner. That...Read More

Letter to the Editor: Pointing the finger in the wrong direction on prescription drug prices

Matt Degooyer’s recent op-ed, “Addressing barriers to accessing biosimilars could help save Washington’s most vulnerable patients,” presents a misleading view regarding which parties in the prescription...Read More

Sen. John Braun: An Open Letter to Governor Inslee

Dear Governor, Trust Washingtonians. Please. Washingtonians are a generous, compassionate, well-intentioned people who care about the safety and well-being of those around them. They have...Read More

Seahawks, NFL make a major misstep by planning football season

COVID isn’t mentioned a single time. There is no trace of the word virus, quarantine, or social distancing. It’s as if the Seahawks and the...Read More

Op-ed: Only Congress can rescue local education budgets

Parents will breathe a sigh of relief when school buildings reopen, signaling a return to normalcy at last. But Washington schools won’t be equipped to...Read More

Op-ed: Addressing barriers to accessing biosimilars could help save Washington’s most vulnerable patients

What if I told you that there are safe, effective, and cheaper alternatives to mind-numbingly expensive treatments for cancer, kidney and autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s...Read More

Reviewing the civil conflicts in Washington State’s two parties

Intra-party conflict comes primarily through political organizing and elections. Rhetoric or public statements are often what brings that conflict into light. Those are usually symptoms...Read More