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Am I taxed too much?: A comparative look at Washington State

Answering the question of whether someone is taxed too much or perhaps not enough requires some level of comparison. Answering this question in absolute terms...Read More

Am I taxed too much? Understanding the impacts of fiscal policy

This week, our team at the Wire is publishing a series of stories on what the K-shaped recovery looks like. Part of the idea is...Read More

Series: What the K-shaped recovery looks like

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Gary Locke for Seattle mayor?

Is Gary Locke running for Seattle mayor? Maybe. And if he does, he might be hard to beat....Read More

Democrats have a messaging problem on capital gains. Here is how they can fix it.

On capital gains, Democrats in Olympia have a messaging problem. Here is how they fix it....Read More

New Studies Will Test Flexibility of “Simpson Concept” for Salmon & Dams

Last month, US Representative Mike Simpson (R – Idaho) surprised many Northwesterners when he announced a $33.5 billion concept to breach (i.e., remove) the four...Read More

WSLC: Vaccinate all public-facing workers

Washington State Labor Council President Larry Brown issued the following statement today in response to directives from President Joe Biden and Gov. Jay Inslee to...Read More

Op-ed: An Unexpected GOP Impeachment Hero

It’s said in the Armed Forces that soldiers who show conspicuous bravery in battle often aren’t the ones known as the toughest around the barracks....Read More

Op-ed: Why Direct Cash is a Critical Mental Health Strategy

During this past year of global health crises and economic pressure, we have seen a growing awareness of the importance of mental health. For many,...Read More

Mercier: Tax reform doesn’t mean tax increases

There has been a lot of discussion this session about tax reform. With a balanced budget and revenue projected to grow by more than 7%...Read More