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Op-ed: Supporting people’s health through a long-term state Recovery Rebate

Cash stimulus is a powerful health policy solution to economic hardship, and is all the more critical as hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians lose their...Read More

Op-ed: Washington cities need the other Washington to step up and partner to save lives and the economy

Washington’s 281 cities and towns currently face unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. But some federal leaders have put our plight on the back burner. That...Read More

Letter to the Editor: Pointing the finger in the wrong direction on prescription drug prices

Matt Degooyer’s recent op-ed, “Addressing barriers to accessing biosimilars could help save Washington’s most vulnerable patients,” presents a misleading view regarding which parties in the prescription...Read More

Sen. John Braun: An Open Letter to Governor Inslee

Dear Governor, Trust Washingtonians. Please. Washingtonians are a generous, compassionate, well-intentioned people who care about the safety and well-being of those around them. They have...Read More

Seahawks, NFL make a major misstep by planning football season

COVID isn’t mentioned a single time. There is no trace of the word virus, quarantine, or social distancing. It’s as if the Seahawks and the...Read More

Op-ed: Only Congress can rescue local education budgets

Parents will breathe a sigh of relief when school buildings reopen, signaling a return to normalcy at last. But Washington schools won’t be equipped to...Read More

Op-ed: Addressing barriers to accessing biosimilars could help save Washington’s most vulnerable patients

What if I told you that there are safe, effective, and cheaper alternatives to mind-numbingly expensive treatments for cancer, kidney and autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s...Read More

Reviewing the civil conflicts in Washington State’s two parties

Intra-party conflict comes primarily through political organizing and elections. Rhetoric or public statements are often what brings that conflict into light. Those are usually symptoms...Read More

A four-point plan to reduce homelessness, make cities safer, help people

The thinking around the Capitol is that any problem can be solved if you just spend enough money. Which is why homelessness seems so baffling....Read More

Op-ed: “Regulation is key to reducing transportation emissions”

Burning gasoline and diesel in our cars and trucks is Washington State’s single biggest source of carbon emissions.  State government efforts to accelerate the transition...Read More