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Morning Wire

Morning Wire: Noel Frame, Dale Peinecke, King County Democrats

The 2018 legislative session was one of the more productive in recent memory, driven in significant part by the leadership of the Senate Democrats.  As...Read More

Morning Wire: JT Wilcox, Ruth Kagi, Drew Hansen

The Regular Session is over, but a pile of bills await Governor Inslee’s consideration. There is also a new lawsuit, a leadership change, and turnover...Read More

Morning Wire: New carbon bill, failure of leadership, Italy’s election

It’s day 58 of the legislative session. More importantly, however, the sun is out!  Everything is good again in the world… Except we don’t have...Read More

Morning Wire: Culture trumps strategy, “listen more,” House moves to Senate budget

It is Day 51 of the 60-day session, and folks are tired.  People are ready for the session to get done.  Even the thought of...Read More

Morning Wire: Supplemental budget, gun legislation, Rep. JT Wilcox

We hope you enjoyed your three-day weekend! While you were celebrating President’s Day, or Washington’s Birthday as it’s still known to federal employees, the Senate Democratic Caucus...Read More

Morning Wire: Amazon, Medicaid, Bill cutoff

We have a number of topics for your review today related to the politics, policies and political economy of Washington State.  Our goal is to...Read More

Morning Wire: Reproductive parity, 8th CD, oil drilling

We are about as many years away from the Berlin Wall coming down as the Wall itself stood erect. We are about as far from...Read More

Morning Wire: “Parade of 1,” Tesoro plant, Ride sharing bills 

So, there’s this State of the Union speech tonight.  If you’re looking for a drinking game to make the evening more entertaining, Twitter has a solution for...Read More

Morning Wire: Senate Dems leading, Rep. Paul Graves, Michael Bennett

Emily Boerger is our reporter in Olympia this session, making the Wire (once again) the only digital outlet in Washington State with a full time...Read More

Morning Wire: Carbon, Zach Silk, capital budget

Now that the pomp and circumstance of week one is out of the way, things are moving quickly in the legislative session.  Advocates are already...Read More