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Morning Wire: Biden’s support slips in the 8th, Q&A w/ Sen. Curtis King, Capital gains

Last week, our sister site State of Reform kicked off its conference season with the 2021 Inland Northwest State of Reform Health Policy Conference. If you couldn’t...Read More

Morning Wire: Q&A w/ Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley, Court backlog, Spokane conference

While it may not be immediately apparent, nearly every item featured in this week’s Morning Wire deals with labor.  We talked with Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley...Read More

Morning Wire: Q&As w/Reps. Jessica Bateman and Alex Ybarra, Spokane conference

With the 2021 legislative session well in the rearview mirror, and the next session still more than four months out, it’s easy to feel like...Read More

Morning Wire: Q&A w/Rep. Jesse Johnson, Census data by CD, Back to school takeaways

If you’ve been reading the Wire over the past several weeks, you’ve probably seen my byline pop up a few times, so I might as...Read More

Morning Wire: Census, Rep. Orcutt, drought, Kabul

This month, I turn 46. I left for college at Gonzaga this month 28 years ago. I started graduate school this month 24 years ago...Read More

Morning Wire: Sen. Patty Kuderer, Rep. Frank Chopp, Duwamish

It’s an odd time in COVID. Public opinion has turned gloomy, with Gallup reporting that more people are pessimistic about the future of COVID and getting the...Read More

Morning Wire: Ballot returns, Rep. Peter Abbarno, Tax benefit performance

Happy Primary Election Day! There are thousands of city council races taking place today that will impact the direction of your local community far more...Read More

Morning Wire: Rep. Derek Kilmer, Cherries, Constantine & Nguyen

Next week is the 2021 primary election. So, we review a couple of the key questions on the ballot this year, all of which are...Read More

Morning Wire: JLARC, “Anti-woke Democrats,” Delta variant

We are back after a bit of a holiday. Welcome new reporter Aaron Kunkler to the Wire team. He’s been covering stories in rural King...Read More

Morning Wire: Rep. David Hackney, Heat wave, K-shaped recovery

We’re taking the next two weeks off here at the Wire for the first half of July, or thereabouts. This newsletter will be back ahead...Read More