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Morning Wire

Morning Wire: Boeing, Health Care Bills, Clean Fuel Standard

With the house-of-origin cutoff in the rearview mirror, the Washington Legislature now moves back into committee action. So, this week we look at some of...Read More

Morning Wire: Moving the Presidential Primary, Environmental Justice, School Safety

Session is rolling on, and tomorrow is the last day for the Legislature to pass non-budget-related bills out of the house of origin. Lawmakers have...Read More

Morning Wire: Inslee for president, Q&A with Sen. Steve O’Ban, $17B transportation package

The week in Washington State politics, policy, and political economy....Read More

Morning Wire: Long-Term Care, Clean Energy, the Evolving Public Option

The first policy cutoff came and went, and lawmakers passed over 1,000 bills and resolutions out of the committees subject to the cutoff (all committees...Read More

Morning Wire: Public Records, the Death Penalty, a National Emergency

With the first policy cut-off looming this Friday, February 22, this week is sure to be a blur of hearings and committee votes that will finalize the issues...Read More

Morning Wire: Q&A with Rep. Paul Harris, Modernizing Redistricting, “Faithless Electors”

Sara Gentzler here, the Wire’s Olympia-based reporter. You might recognize me from the Capitol campus, I’m set up with my laptop in Pritchard or the cafe in the dome most days....Read More

Morning Wire: Redistricting, public option, Sen. Slade Gorton

Last month, our team of reporters posted 48 original stories at the Wire. These covered politics, policy, and political economy. They featured stories, perspectives, and...Read More

Morning Wire: Medicaid eligibility, Republican leadership, delivery robots

Sara Gentzler and Emily Boerger have some great, multimedia coverage of the session this week that I'm proud to highlight for you. If you have...Read More

Morning Wire: Q&A with Cindy Ryu, climate bills, gun legislation

We are in the part of the legislative session where a number of “innovative” ideas take shape in legislation, which might get some media hits,...Read More

Morning Wire: Predictions, Gov. Inslee’s priorities, Sen. Ranker resigns

The 2019 legislative session is underway! With Sara Gentzler based in Olympia and Emily Boerger in Olympia off-and-on throughout the session, we’ll have a lot of eyes covering the conversation in...Read More