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Morning Wire: Marko Liias, Health policy & COVID-19, Mainstream Republicans

This is hard. Staying at home is hard. Distance learning is hard. Watching businesses collapse is hard. Watching loved ones get sick is hard. None...Read More

Morning Wire: Reopening the economy, Divide among Republicans, Cliff Mass

Thanks for all of your feedback about the value we provide here at the Wire. I appreciate it. It’s informing how we will continue our...Read More

Morning Wire: Denny Heck, City & county finances, Economic indicators to watch

Last night, I caught up on your comments and feedback in our Annual Reader Survey. They were generally warm, kind and heartening. So, in a crazy...Read More

Morning Wire: Rep. Jake Fey, LG race, Vetoes by Gov

It’s that time of year when we’d like to get your feedback on how we’re doing. So, we put together our annual feedback tool to survey...Read More

Morning Wire: Steve Hobbs, Ann Davison Sattler, COVID-19

It is good to see Washington State move down the list of states with the highest number of COVID infections. We were first; now we’re seventh....Read More

Morning Wire: Latest on COVID-19, Lt. Gov.’s race, Kamau Chege

We live in scary, interesting, and consequential times. We are writing the playbook now for how to manage existential community crises. We’re likely to have...Read More

Morning Wire: Coronavirus, Session takeaways, Inslee’s leadership

Like most folks, we are working from home starting at the end of last week. My kids are figuring out how to manage online learning,...Read More

Morning Wire: Coronavirus, Pence-Inslee, Cap and Invest

It’s the last week of the short session with “go home” budgets close to being put to bed. The biggest question marks may be the...Read More

Morning Wire: Coronavirus, Super Tuesday, Peter Schrappen

Today is day 51 of the 60-day legislative session, where the budget process is taking up much of the oxygen. For a run down of...Read More

Morning Wire: “Go home” budgets, Rep. Andrew Barkis, Sports gambling

We should start calling this the Midday Wire…  With news breaking every Tuesday morning that is directly relevant to the briefing we send you, it takes...Read More