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Morning Wire: Redistricting, public option, Sen. Slade Gorton

Last month, our team of reporters posted 48 original stories at the Wire. These covered politics, policy, and political economy. They featured stories, perspectives, and...Read More

Morning Wire: Medicaid eligibility, Republican leadership, delivery robots

Sara Gentzler and Emily Boerger have some great, multimedia coverage of the session this week that I'm proud to highlight for you. If you have...Read More

Morning Wire: Q&A with Cindy Ryu, climate bills, gun legislation

We are in the part of the legislative session where a number of “innovative” ideas take shape in legislation, which might get some media hits,...Read More

Morning Wire: Predictions, Gov. Inslee’s priorities, Sen. Ranker resigns

The 2019 legislative session is underway! With Sara Gentzler based in Olympia and Emily Boerger in Olympia off-and-on throughout the session, we’ll have a lot of eyes covering the conversation in...Read More

Morning Wire: Re-Wire keynotes, Q&A with Rep. Stonier, a conversation with legislators-elect

We are back…! We took a few weeks off over the end of the year to get rested and ready for the coming legislative session. We’re super-charged...Read More

Morning Wire: Inslee’s clean energy plan, artificial intelligence, Sen. Maureen Walsh

We’re gearing up for the 2018 Re-Wire Policy Conference coming up on Thursday of this week. The event is our primary revenue driver for the Wire, which...Read More

Morning Wire: Hilary Franz, future of the GMA, Governor’s budget

Nine days until the 2018 Re-Wire Policy Conference takes place on December 13th! In this edition of the Morning Wire, we connect some of the conversations in...Read More

Morning Wire: Keynotes for Re-Wire, legislators-elect, post-1631 carbon policy

This issue features a number of the topics and people you’ll be hearing about in the 2019 legislative session. They are also the people and topics you’ll...Read More

Morning Wire: 2019 tax reform, affordable housing legislation, sports betting

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I hope you’re able to get away with friends and family this week, and de-tox a bit from the election season.  The...Read More


Morning Wire:  Sen. Andy Billig, election update, Sen. Joe Fain

We are still sorting through the lessons of last Tuesday’s election, so we’ve captured a number of stories for you below. Much is from our...Read More