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Battery-materials plant headed for Moses Lake

Last week we brought you the news that Sila Nanotechnologies, a producer of bleeding-edge battery technology, was likely bringing a massive new factory to Washington State. Starting...Read More

Traditional retail, big tech spar over retail theft, online fencing of stolen goods

The massive generational fight over America’s retail customers was on display in a House committee this week as name-brand brick-and-mortar retailers sparred with their rivals...Read More

$44.6 million in grants approved for WA broadband projects

At their December 3 meeting, the Washington State Public Works Board approved over $44.6 million in conditional grants for 15 broadband construction projects in unserved and...Read More

Insight from new labor supply stats

New labor supply and demand statistics are available for October, and provide insight into what’s happening with Washington’s employment crunch.  The reports, provided by the...Read More

Committee Week: Emissions, zoning, evictions

Following up on our story from yesterday on this week’s committee meetings, we’re bringing you information from two more sessions. Just this week there will...Read More

Committee Week: Ferries, wildfires, credit scoring

Washington’s legislative committees kicked into high gear this week ahead of the 2022 session, providing a preview of what bills and policies we’re likely to...Read More

Poll: Washingtonians support infrastructure bill

A new poll from the Northwest Progressive Institute found that 71% of likely 2022 Washington State voters support the infrastructure bill framework that President Biden...Read More

Sen. Steve Hobbs discusses decarbonization, transportation

Sen. Steve Hobbs (D-Lake Stevens) was appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee to serve as Washington’s Secretary of State, leaving the legislature and his role as...Read More

National perspective on the supply chain

A key force driving the supply chain issues the U.S. is facing is a lack of warehouse space coupled with a dramatic increase in demand...Read More

Sen. Patty Murray proposes universal pre-K in Build Back Better

Child care costs could be capped at 7% of a family’s income if a child care package from Sen. Patty Murray is passed as part...Read More