Three things to think about ahead of the next HQ2 opportunity

Proposals are due to Amazon tomorrow from cities interested in recruiting the company – and its 50,000 new jobs – to the community.  You can...Read More

Association of Washington Cities honors Sen. Sharon Brown with City Champion Award

The Association of Washington Cities (AWC), an Olympia-based organization advocating on behalf of Washington’s 281 cities and towns, honored Senator Sharon Brown (R-Kennewick) with a...Read More

Column: Supreme Court tees up game-changing assault on unions

The U.S. Supreme Court announced last month that it will reconsider whether public sector unions can require workers who receive the benefits of a collective...Read More

Strong Demand for Washington State Bonds

The Office of the State Treasurer sold $528.8 million in bonds on Tuesday, September 26th. The bonds were split into three sales: one sale of...Read More

Nealey, Republican lawmakers urge Attorney General to defend state law against local income taxes

Rep. Terry Nealey, ranking Republican on the House Finance Committee, and 35 other House Republican lawmakers, sent a letter to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson...Read More

Public policy, the will of the voters, and the Seattle Seahawks

“Across all demographics, the 12s are contagious. It’s for everybody.” In this quote, King County Council member Jeanne Kohl-Welles was reflecting on the role of...Read More

What advice did Governor receive on B&O tax cut veto?

There were many twists and turns during this year’s record 193 day legislative session. Perhaps none was as surprising or shocking than the Governor vetoing a B&O...Read More

AWB bus tour to celebrate manufacturers

Watch for a big, vinyl-wrapped bus rolling through your community soon. The Association of Washington Business (AWB) is hitting the road to celebrate Washington manufacturers...Read More

Washington keeps strong bond rating

State Treasurer Duane Davidson announced today that the three national debt rating agencies have reviewed Washington’s financial situation and have confirmed the existing ratings for...Read More

Rep. Taylor says new comprehensive study on Hirst shows rural economic devastation

The Building Industry Association of Washington released a comprehensive report detailing the potential economic impacts of the state Supreme Court’s flawed Hirst decision. Rep. David Taylor,...Read More

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