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Protesters rally at public hearing on Tacoma LNG project

In downtown Tacoma on Tuesday afternoon, hundreds rallied in opposition to Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facility project on the Tacoma Tideflats....Read More

Washington’s path to clean energy can also save orca—and salmon they need to thrive

Tom France, a Regional Executive Director of the National Wildlife Federation, wrote the following letter to the editor in response to a recent op-ed from...Read More

Op-ed: The Environmental Value of Hydropower

President Russ Skolrood, Vice President Arie Callaghan, and Secretary Dave Timmons are the elected Board of Commissioners for the Grays Harbor Public Utility District #1. ...Read More

What’s next for a low-carbon fuel standard

Washington legislators gave an update on efforts to establish a clean fuel standard last week....Read More

Unique partnership gets extension for water planning in the Walla Walla Basin

Washington Gov. Inslee signed a bill into law Friday that will extend the Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership for two more years, after the bipartisan...Read More

House passes Bill committing Washington to 100-percent clean energy

A historic bill to commit Washington to 100-percent clean energy from renewable and zero-emission sources took another step forward today following passage by the Washington...Read More

Orca recovery bills alive after cutoff

Over 550 bills are still in play. And, as foreshadowed in Gov. Inslee’s State of the State address and investments in his proposed budget, many...Read More

Q&A: Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz on bill to fund wildfire suppression, forest health

In the midst of all the budget-related activity this week, a bill (SB 5996) was introduced Thursday that would create a dedicated funding source for...Read More

Senate committee moves clean-fuel bill along

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon explained the importance of this bill because it targets transportation fuels which are the largest source of greenhouse gas in the state....Read More

Legislators comment on clean-fuel standard’s passage in House

Lawmakers in Washington’s House of Representatives passed a bill off the floor on Tuesday that would create a clean-fuel standard in Washington State. The bill...Read More