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Podcast: A Conversation with Senator Guy Palumbo on Carbon

In this podcast, we chat with Senator Palumbo about the work done during the 2018 session to try to pass a carbon tax, and the...Read More

Morning Wire: I-1631, I-1600, I-1621

Washington's single-payer initiative, congressional races, and the resignation of the King County Dem Chair are all featured in this week's edition of the Morning Wire....Read More

Initiative ballot title approved: a pollution fee, not a carbon tax

Washington's latest carbon initiative has an official ballot title -- it aims to put a fee on pollution rather than a tax on carbon....Read More

Pacific Coast Collaborative announces new joint efforts

On Friday morning, Premier of British Columbia John Horgan, Governor Inslee, California Secretary for Environmental Protection Matt Rodriguez, and Oregon Energy Director Janine Benner came...Read More

Inslee signs orca protection executive order

Governor Inslee called for statewide action to protect Southern Resident Killer Whales in the Puget Sound this morning in Seattle.  By executive order, Inslee requested...Read More

Morning Wire: New carbon bill, failure of leadership, Italy’s election

It’s day 58 of the legislative session. More importantly, however, the sun is out!  Everything is good again in the world… Except we don’t have...Read More

Second carbon tax/fee legislation: brothers of the different father?

Jim Boldt, President of Duckabush Communications/Public Affairs, wrote the following commentary on Sens. Ericksen and Baumgartner’s recently announced carbon bill.  This morning, in the Washington...Read More

Sen. Carlyle says carbon tax is dead in the legislature this year

News broke Thursday afternoon that Governor Inslee’s carbon tax is officially dead this session. In a video posted on Twitter, bill sponsor Senator Carlyle says...Read More

Vancouver Energy ends effort to build oil terminal along Columbia River

Vancouver Energy has announced it will be ending its four-year pursuit of building the largest oil train terminal in the nation along the Columbia River....Read More

Wire Insider: Nancy Hirsh

Nancy Hirsh is the Executive Director of NW Energy Coalition. She joins us as a “Wire Insider” to talk about putting a price on carbon,...Read More