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AG Ferguson sues to block Trump Administration from diverting billions for border wall

Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit today to block the Trump Administration’s plan to “reprogram” funding for more than $3.6 billion in congressionally approved military construction...Read More

Legislature sues Governor Inslee for unconstitutional vetoes

Jason Mercier is the Director of the Center for Government Reform at Washington Policy Center and is based in the Tri-Cities.  He wrote the following commentary on...Read More

Sen. O’Ban to pre-file bill banning local income taxes

In light of the Washington State Court of Appeals’ ruling on Seattle’s proposed graduated income tax, Sen. Steve O’Ban announced his intent to pre-file a...Read More

Good news, bad news on local income taxes

Jason Mercier wrote the following commentary on the Court of Appeals' recent ruling on Seattle's proposed graduated income tax....Read More

Freedom Foundation Appeals Campaign Finance Ruling to U.S. Supreme Court

The Freedom Foundation on Wednesday appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court a ruling issued against it in January by the Washington State Supreme Court that,...Read More

State Senate passes legislation to vacate misdemeanor marijuana convictions

The Washington State Senate passed legislation vacating misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions....Read More

A survey of state gerrymandering cases

The 2010 census, and the redistricting that followed, prompted a series of lawsuits challenging state district maps. As the country approaches the 2020 census and...Read More


Campaign limitations, racial biases, and a Washington Supreme Court race

There are three Washington Supreme Court justices up for re-election this year. Just one is up against a challenger: Justice Steven Gonzalez. At least 10...Read More

Washington becomes 20th state to abolish the death penalty

On Thursday, the Washington State Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in Washington State and thereby converted all remaining death sentences to life in prison....Read More

Supreme Court’s I-940 decision allows ballot printing to proceed

In the wake of last week’s ruling on Initiative 1639, the Washington Supreme Court has issued another ruling that clears the way for ballots and...Read More