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Campaign limitations, racial biases, and a Washington Supreme Court race

There are three Washington Supreme Court justices up for re-election this year. Just one is up against a challenger: Justice Steven Gonzalez. At least 10...Read More

Washington becomes 20th state to abolish the death penalty

On Thursday, the Washington State Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in Washington State and thereby converted all remaining death sentences to life in prison....Read More

Supreme Court’s I-940 decision allows ballot printing to proceed

In the wake of last week’s ruling on Initiative 1639, the Washington Supreme Court has issued another ruling that clears the way for ballots and...Read More

Judge dismisses Eyman lawsuit on Rainy Day Fund

On Friday, a Thurston County Superior Court judge dismissed the Eyman v. Davidson, et al. case which claimed the state legislature unconstitutionally diverted funds away...Read More

Ferguson files 31st lawsuit against Trump Administration, defending Affordable Care Act

Attorney General Bob Ferguson today issued the following statement regarding his latest lawsuit against the Trump Administration for its efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act. The...Read More

The human capital costs of the Janus ruling

One of the most important impacts of Janus might be lost to outside observers. Without intentional leadership to recruit, retain, and organize younger workers in...Read More

NRA, SAF file lawsuit against City of Seattle over gun safety ordinance

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), the National Rifle Association (NRA), and two Seattle residents have filed a lawsuit against the City of Seattle over its...Read More

Court speeds up family separation lawsuit

U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman today granted Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s request to fast-track the multistate lawsuit filed last month against the Trump...Read More

AG Ferguson announces fast-food chains will end restrictions on low-wage workers nationwide

To avoid a lawsuit, seven corporations will remove “no-poach provisions” from their franchise agreements....Read More

Sen. Schoesler sends letter asking how Gov. Inslee will put Washington in compliance with Janus ruling

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent Janus v. AFSCME decision, Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler sent a letter to Governor Inslee asking what actions...Read More