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Tim Eyman files lawsuit against legislature, claims I-940 and HB 3003 should appear on the ballot

Following last week’s controversial passage of both Initiative 940 and HB 3003, Tim Eyman filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Legislature claiming they violated...Read More

I-940 and HB 3003: From unconstitutional to a mockery in twenty-four hours

Jim Boldt, President of Duckabush Communications/Public Affairs, wrote the following opinion piece on HB 3003 and I-940.  The Beef: Initiative 940, an initiative to the legislature, has...Read More

The Emperor Has No Clothes!! HB 3003

Jim Boldt, President of Duckabush Communications/Public Affairs, wrote the following opinion piece about HB 3003, a bill to alter Washington’s use of deadly force law. ...Read More

Two bills addressing sexual assault die in the Legislature

On Saturday, Representatives Griffey and Caldier released a statement speaking out about two bills they sponsored this session to help sexual assault survivors, but that...Read More

Culture trumps strategy, or why legislators failed to learn from the mistakes of Congress

Sometimes, you have to jam something through the legislature. Sometimes you can’t wait to let stakeholders get too engaged, too organized and too mobilized to...Read More

Bill to remove the Legislature from Public Records Act quickly runs into opposition

On Thursday afternoon, the House and Senate State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections committees came together for a joint work session on SB 6617, a...Read More

Death penalty ban passes out of Senate committee

A bill to eliminate the death penalty in Washington passed out of the Senate Law and Justice committee this morning by a 4-3 vote along...Read More

Lawmakers react to Hirst fix and capital budget

Thursday night, legislators passed two top priority measures in both the House and Senate – a compromise on Hirst and the capital budget. The Hirst...Read More

AG Ferguson files multi-million dollar lawsuit against Uber

Yesterday, Attorney General Ferguson announced that his office has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Uber following the transportation company’s 2016 data breach. Worldwide, the...Read More

Judge rules Seattle income tax illegal

Ruling comes as no surprise – courts have repeatedly ruled graduated income tax unconstitutional King County Superior Court Judge John Ruhl today ruled that Seattle’s...Read More