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Q&A: Sen. Joe Nguyen is working on a budget proposal that protects vital services

Persisting inequities have been top of mind for Senator Joe Nguyen as he’s worked to shore up social services and protections through progressive legislation. He’s...Read More

Report: Seattle has the nation’s biggest growth in unemployment due to COVID-19

A new WalletHub report ranks Seattle as the number one city in America where rising unemployment is most impacted by COVID-19. In the report, WalletHub...Read More

State Treasurer creates savings by refunding bonds

On Wednesday, the Washington State Treasurer’s Office, on behalf of the State Finance Committee, sold $410.7 million dollars of refunding bonds, producing over $50.5 million...Read More

State treasurer reduces service fee to all-time low

Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson announced this week a reduction to the state’s treasury service fee. The move is aimed at crediting more earnings from...Read More

Is this “an extinction level event” for the modern economy?

In January 2020, Washington State had a total workforce of 3,980,521. Of those, 167,827 were counted as unemployed. These were folks actively looking for work...Read More

Gubernatorial candidate Joshua Freed releases “Getting Washington Back to Work” economic recovery plan

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Joshua Freed has released a five point economic recovery plan aimed at getting Washington residents who have been laid off or furloughed...Read More

Q&A: Rep. Jake Fey sounds off on the transportation revenue shortfalls to come

With Washingtonians homebound, the state is seeing the early stages of what will likely be a daunting transportation revenue shortfall. Ferry revenue is down about...Read More

Inslee reduces new spending in supplemental operating budget by $445 million

Gov. Jay Inslee signed the 2020 supplemental operating and capital budgets on Friday afternoon, vetoing $445 million in new spending. Since the Legislature approved the...Read More

Small employers are in crisis with half saying they’ll have to shut down in less than 2 months without help

The NFIB Research Center’s latest survey on the current impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on small business shows continued deterioration of the small business sector....Read More

Inslee and DFI urge assistance for homeowners unable to make mortgage payments

Gov. Jay Inslee and Charlie Clark, director of the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) announced yesterday that the state is exploring options for...Read More