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New revenue would boost state GDP, add 66,000 new jobs

New analysis released by Washington State Budget and Policy Center shows that funding new community investments by raising equitable revenue through increased taxes on the...Read More

Reminder: Minimum wage goes to $13.69 starting Jan. 1, 2021

There’s a question about the minimum wage that the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) receives a lot, especially at the start of a new...Read More

Opinion: Washington state is already leading the nation on the future of gig work

I’ve been working in the gig economy as an Uber and Lyft driver for 6 years. For a brief time, the promise of decent pay...Read More

COVID hits food chain from farm to family

The coronavirus pandemic significantly impacted Washington’s food chain from farm to table. From restaurant closures to increased demand from consumers at the supermarket, demand shifted...Read More

Report: Washington State’s unemployment system is failing to pay benefits promptly

Working Washington, a labor-focused nonprofit, published a report this week alleging that the Washington Employment Security Department (ESD) has failed to provide benefits to tens...Read More

Legislators respond with optimism and caution to increased revenue projection

Washington’s projected Near General Fund revenue collections for the 2019–21 state budget and Near General Fund forecast for the next biennium (2021–23) are headed in...Read More

Study: Washington has the strongest unions in the country

Washington State has the strongest unions in the country, according to a new study conducted by the financial modeling firm, SmartAsset. To formulate their rankings,...Read More

Washington Research Council: Spending cuts weren’t the only budgetary response to the Great Recession

“The Legislature actually increased spending in the 2008 supplemental budget—even after revenues began to decline,” wrote Emily Makings of the Washington Research Council (WRC) in...Read More

Washington’s imports and exports increased in July, but trade is still below 2019 levels

Trade data released by the U.S. Census Bureau today shows that the value of exports from Washington increased by 15.0 percent in July, after falling 39.1...Read More

Washington’s SharedWork program garners praise

Washington States’s SharedWork program was praised in a recent New York Times article about the “often overlooked” benefits of job sharing programs. Officially titled short-time...Read More