Mayor Ed Murray signs off on FOIA requests directed at the Department of Homeland Security regarding President Donald Trump's travel ban executive order. (Photo courtesy of Mayor Ed Murray's office.)


Washington leaders continue to resist Trump administration

Both Gov. Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray have taken additional steps in defiance against the Trump Administration this week. Inslee announced an executive order at a Thursday press conference. It won’t change state law whatsoever, but rather is designed to bolster the state against immigration actions from the federal government. “This executive order...Read More

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Gov. Inslee signs bill to expand dental health care on reservations

Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill into law Wednesday that could open up access to dental health care on reservations. Tribal communities that have little to no access to dental health care can now see dental therapists in reservations get federal funding under SB 5079. Bill’s Passage Helps Washington State Tribal Communities Access Dental Care...Read More

Bipartisan telemedicine bills get on Senate floor calendar

Two bills that could expand telemedicine’s reach in Washington have made it through cutoff and secured a spot on the Senate floor calendar. SB 5457 would make it so health plans would run at the same rates for telemedicine services as comparable in-person services. It also allows sites that provide telemedicine to have negotiating power...Read More

Column: States’ rights across the aisle

It’s not unusual for political dynamics to shift as political powers shift at the federal level. But the dynamics are changing pretty quickly as we enter the second month of President Donald Trump’s administration. Notably, Democratic governors and mayors have been defending their values and speaking for their constituents with an argument often used by...Read More

Democrats call, again, for action on ‘levy cliff’

Some school districts may have to send out pink slips if the state legislature doesn’t pass the Democrats’ “levy cliff” bill, argued Democratic leadership at their weekly press conference Tuesday. “I’m hearing from superintendents too,” said Rep. Kristine Lytton, Anacortes, at the press conference. “They are trying to dig into the complexity of the senate...Read More

GOP leaders defend education funding plan, criticize Democrats’ plan

After facing criticism for their budget plan, Republican leaders defended their education funding proposal Monday at a press conference, and made their own criticisms of the Democrat’s levy cliff bill. Washington GOP legislators’ plan is to implement something of a “levy swap” to fund education in Washington. Background Senate Republicans announced their plan Jan. 27...Read More

Column: Please, Gov. Jay Inslee, fence off the Jungle

It was just over a year ago when three suspects between the ages of 13 and 17 years old shot and killed two victims, and wounding three others, in the unauthorized homeless encampment on state owned property that runs alongside Interstate 5 through downtown Seattle commonly known as the “Jungle.” The news served as a...Read More