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Screencapture of the Senate Transportation Committee's 2017-19 proposed budget.

Proposed Senate transportation budget at $8.4 billion

The Senate Transportation Committee released their proposed transportation budget for the 2017-2019 biennium Monday, and it’s tighter than the 2015-2017 budget by more than $270...Read More

Press Release: Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson hails national award for financial reporting

Local Government Investment Pool Continues Strong Performance For its most recent annual update on how Washington state invests surplus funds of more than 500 local...Read More

State Sen. Doug Ericksen is earning a $161 salary at the EPA, reports say

Sen. Doug Ericksen’s job with the Environmental Protection Agency has been the source of controversy in the state. He’s argued that working full-time for the...Read More

State Republican leader responds to Gov. Inslee’s AHCA statement

The Congressional Budget Office issued an analysis of the AHCA on Monday with an estimate that the number of uninsured Americans could increase by 24...Read More

WEA moving 100k members to United, Aetna after more than 50 years with Premera Blue Cross

This story is crossposted on State of Reform’s health policy news site.  The Washington Education Association has decided to move its members’ insurance benefits to...Read More

Washington judge doesn’t extend injunction against Trump travel ban but Hawaiian judge blocks ban

The Trump Administration’s second iteration of a travel ban was blocked, as was the first ban, by a federal judge. This time, though it was a Hawaiian...Read More