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Sara Gentzler joins Spokane public radio to talk health policy

This week, Doug Nadvornik at Spokane Public Radio hosted Wire Reporter Sara Gentzler for a run down of some of the health policy bills moving in Olympia this session.

You can take a listen here.

Gentzler tells Spokane Public Radio that the most consequential health care legislation this year comes from a bill that Rep. Laurie Jenkins has worked a great deal on over the last few years.

Something that has really caught my eye and is really transformative and is sort of a way Washington State has really set itself apart is the Long Term Care Trust Act…

That is a really intriguing bill and appears to have a lot of momentum. I didn’t see a lot of push back in the public hearing… It’s just passed off the floor of the House and is now in the Senate.

Take a listen to what Gentzler thinks about the bill and some other key health policy bills moving in Olympia this session.