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Supremes grant stay of cap gains tax ruling

The Washington Supreme Court granted a stay of a lower court’s ruling that the state’s new capital gains tax is unconstitutional, giving proponents of the...Read More

Previewing Re-Wire: Heck and Housing

This is the time of year that our focus shifts from the bare-knuckle fights in the political arena to the subtler gamesmanship of policy-making. To...Read More

How Perez won in CD3

We’ll never know exactly which set of campaign tactics carried Democratic newcomer Marie Gluesenkamp Perez to her unlikely win in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District. But...Read More

Democratic majorities may get bigger, not smaller

Instead of the shift toward Republicans in the Legislature that was widely expected earlier this year, it looks like Democrats may slightly expand their majorities. ...Read More

Write-ins looks like a problem for Anderson

Lame-duck state Rep. Brad Klippert may not be back in Olympia next year, but it looks like the Tri-Cities Republican will leave a mark on...Read More

A bad night for Trumpy conspiracy theorists

It’s looking like a bad year for Trump-loving election deniers in Washington. The big news from Tuesday’s results is down in Southwest Washington, where Democrat...Read More

An unusual bipartisan play in the 44th

In these polarized times, players in Washington politics mostly back one party or the other. And even for those few who play both sides of...Read More

Second poll has SecState race tied

In general, an incumbent polling at less than 50 percent is considered to be in significant danger of getting unelected. So what to make of...Read More

A new tactic vs the capital gains tax

There’s a new skirmish in the ongoing legal fight against the capital gains tax. A conservative legal advocacy group is threatening to take the Department...Read More

Lower bridge tolls in time for Election Day

The payoff of one of this year’s more entertaining election-year ploys happened this week when the price of driving a car across the Tacoma Narrows...Read More