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Lobbyists give 2018 legislative session highest grade in 9 years

According to a recently released poll, lobbyists gave the 2018 legislative session the best Legislative Report Card in 9 years. The report card includes lobbyists'...Read More

Podcast: Looking Ahead to the 2018 Elections

The 2018 legislative and congressional elections will be some of the most active, high cost, and potentially divisive in recent memory. With midterm elections right...Read More

Senate passes automatic voter registration

OLYMPIA – On Saturday, the Senate passed legislation introduced by Sen. Sam Hunt, D-Olympia, to implement automatic voter registration at Washington state agencies. “Voting is...Read More

Bill to move the presidential primary could increase Washington’s influence in primary races

At the end of January, a bill to move Washington State’s presidential primary to the second Tuesday in March, up from the fourth Tuesday in...Read More

Prediction #2: Dem gubernatorial candidates win, and Inslee’s stock rises with them

2018 is going to be a big election year.  And, where state and local districts can be gerrymandered for safety, the state boundaries are fixed. ...Read More

Statement from House Speaker Frank Chopp on election results

The following is a statement from Washington House Speaker Frank Chopp (D-Seattle) on the new membership makeup in the state Senate. House Democrats look forward...Read More

Early Results from Washington Legislative Races

As election officials continue to count votes, here’s where the polls currently stand. These results represent only the earliest vote counts, and they will continue to...Read More

Early results for local elections

Here is a quick run down of some the results of local elections we have been tracking since the primaries. These numbers represent the earliest...Read More

Four takeaways for legislative politics resulting from the General Election

After collecting my notes from this year’s legislative races, and talking through what’s ahead with legislative folks, four key takeaways stand out to me on...Read More

Cary Moon looking for a late voter swing

As of this morning, Cary Moon may trail Jenny Durkan 39.4% to 60.6%, but she and her campaign are counting on a late voter swing...Read More