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How Perez won in CD3

We’ll never know exactly which set of campaign tactics carried Democratic newcomer Marie Gluesenkamp Perez to her unlikely win in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District. But...Read More

Democratic majorities may get bigger, not smaller

Instead of the shift toward Republicans in the Legislature that was widely expected earlier this year, it looks like Democrats may slightly expand their majorities. ...Read More

Write-ins looks like a problem for Anderson

Lame-duck state Rep. Brad Klippert may not be back in Olympia next year, but it looks like the Tri-Cities Republican will leave a mark on...Read More

A bad night for Trumpy conspiracy theorists

It’s looking like a bad year for Trump-loving election deniers in Washington. The big news from Tuesday’s results is down in Southwest Washington, where Democrat...Read More

Frame declares for Carlyle’s Senate seat

House Finance Chair Noel Frame declared Thursday for Sen. Reuven Carlyle’s soon-to-be vacant seat in the state Senate. Carlyle, chair of Senate Environment, Energy, and...Read More

Election changes: Proposed ban on odd-year elections advances; Senate panel passes ranked-choice voting

Two significant proposed changes to Washington State elections that might dramatically alter the landscape of local races are moving through the Legislature. The larger proposed...Read More

Whatcom County appoints 22-year-old to Ericksen’s seat, sets up race against Shewmake, who beat his mother in 2020

Per The Bellingham Herald, the Whatcom County Council has appointed Simon Sefzik to the 42nd District state Senate seat formerly held by the late Republican...Read More

Breaking: Re-districting Commission deadlocks

For the first time since Washington State’s commission model for re-districting was formed in 1983, the Re-Districting Commission has deadlocked.  Three commissioners are required to...Read More

Bruce Harrell, mayoral candidate

What could the Seattle election results mean for progressives?

For a third straight election cycle, Seattle voters have elected a centrist Democrat to the mayor’s office, but there’s no clear consensus as to why. ...Read More

Wyman resigns to take federal job, prompting partisan anxiety

Kim Wyman, Washington’s Secretary of State, is resigning next month to take a job with the Joe Biden administration as the senior election security lead...Read More