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Bernie Sanders and local surrogates rally Washington supporters in Tacoma

Senator Bernie Sanders held a campaign rally in Tacoma on Monday evening. Seattle U.S. Rep. and National Health Policy Chair for the Sanders campaign, Pramila...Read More

Pete Buttigieg passes through Seattle on fundraising tour

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was in Seattle on Saturday for an early afternoon fundraiser. The Seattle fundraiser was the fourth in a series of 10 fundraisers...Read More

With Garbe Reser, Democrats look to pickup 16th District Senate seat

Former foreign service officer and Sherwood Trust CEO Danielle Garbe Reser is running for state senator in Washington’s 16th Legislative District.  The entrance of Garbe...Read More

Bernie Sanders raised over $1.3 million from Washington during January

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign announced on Friday it raised more than $1.3 million in Washington State during January from over 64,000 donations. In Washington...Read More

Wyman and Tarleton comment on Iowa Caucus disarray

With the final results of the Iowa Caucus still delayed, Secretary of State Kim Wyman and her 2020 opponent, Rep. Gael Tarleton sounded off on...Read More

Q&A: Joshua Collins on the policies driving his congressional campaign

Joshua Collins is 26-years old, a working truck driver, an avowed socialist, and a candidate for Congress in Washington’s 10th District. The descriptors Collins uses...Read More

Secretary of State race heats up amid King County mobile voting dispute

After early voting began in an election which will — for the first time in the country — permit residents to vote via smartphone, Representative...Read More

Q&A: Rep. Gael Tarleton on her bid to become Washington’s next Secretary of State

Rep. Gael Tarleton has represented Washington’s 36th Legislative District for the past 7 years. Earlier this month she launched her campaign for Secretary of State,...Read More

Liz Berry announces campaign for 36th state legislative seat

Liz Berry, a Queen Anne mother of two and proven champion for justice and families, today announced her campaign for House Pos. 2 in Washington’s...Read More

Podcast: A Conversation with Joshua Freed

Former Bothell Mayor Joshua Freed is running for governor in 2020 and centering his platform around the homelessness crisis. He is building a campaign in the...Read More