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The Census Bureau has (finally) released 2020 data

The U.S. Census Bureau finally released data on the 2020 Census today, providing insight on demographics that will inform Washington state’s redistricting process.  The data...Read More

Bruce Harrell, mayoral candidate

Major Public Employees Union Endorses Bruce Harrell for Seattle Mayor

The Washington State Council of County and City Employees (AFSCME, AFL-CIO) today endorsed Bruce Harrell for Mayor of Seattle. The union, representing over 17,000 local...Read More

Washington’s primary turnout was low again

Voter turnout for the Aug. 3 primary election is shaping up to match other low turnout, odd-year elections over the last decade.  As of Monday...Read More


King County voters sticking with incumbents, for now

While Seattle results from the August primary contained a number of surprises, it’s largely an incumbent’s game in King County races.  Up for grabs in...Read More

What conclusions should we draw from the Seattle primary?

Ballots are still coming in, but early results indicate Seattle voters value candidates with experience, but who promise to deliver enough change from the status...Read More

Early WA Port election results are in

Preliminary results are in for the Aug. 3 primary, which will decide which candidates make it on to the the Nov. 3 general election. In...Read More

Early results show Harrell ahead in Seattle mayoral race

Preliminary election results are in for the Aug. 3 Seattle and King County races. In the Seattle mayoral race, Bruce Harrel is in the lead...Read More

Poll: Seattle voters want new mayor to address homelessness

The Northwest Progressive Institute has released additional poll results on Seattle voters’ top concerns, and their opinion on a charter amendment on homelessness.  Topping the...Read More

Q&A: Art Langlie plans to bridge gaps in the public sector if elected Seattle mayor

Art Langlie is one of the 15 candidates who have entered their name to be the next mayor of Seattle. Langlie is the grandson of...Read More

2012 Redistricting Maps

WA redistricting maps set for release in late Sept.

The Washington State Redistricting Commission is hashing out when to release draft maps, and how to account for people who are incarcerated or committed as...Read More