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Political Economy

Unemployment insurance claims in Washington state nearing record high

The Department of Labor (DOL) released data yesterday showing that the percent change in unemployment insurance (UI) claims in Washington state has approached a record...Read More

States have limited options to boost short-term economic growth

State governments moved quickly to the forefront of fighting the spread of the novel coronavirus, increasing resources for public health efforts, closing schools, and mobilizing...Read More

Morning Wire: Latest on COVID-19, Lt. Gov.’s race, Kamau Chege

We live in scary, interesting, and consequential times. We are writing the playbook now for how to manage existential community crises. We’re likely to have...Read More

Q&A: Why gubernatorial candidate Joshua Freed is calling for a special session

Former Bothell Mayor and 2020 Republican gubernatorial candidate Joshua Freed released a statement yesterday calling for a special session to rescind recent tax & spending...Read More

Morning Wire: Coronavirus, Session takeaways, Inslee’s leadership

Like most folks, we are working from home starting at the end of last week. My kids are figuring out how to manage online learning,...Read More

Budget notes: the devil is in the detail

The budget is a big document that moves quickly at the end of session. Few have access to the totality of the 814-page document until...Read More

Jinkins & Wilcox discuss their main takeaways from the 2020 session

House Speaker Laurie Jinkins and Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox sat down for separate interviews today with Mike McClanahan of TVW to discuss their main takeaways...Read More

Senate and House agree on 2020 supplemental operating budget

Lawmakers in the House and Senate today unveiled a $1 billion, 2020 supplemental operating budget. At the center of the budget is a $160 million...Read More

Morning Wire: “Go home” budgets, Rep. Andrew Barkis, Sports gambling

We should start calling this the Midday Wire…  With news breaking every Tuesday morning that is directly relevant to the briefing we send you, it takes...Read More

Senate Democrats present supplemental operating budget

The same day House Democrats unveiled their proposals for the operating budget, capital budget and transportation budget, the Senate Democrats also presented their operating budget...Read More