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Political Economy

Senate responds “Do Not Concur” to House capital gains amendments

In an order of consideration filed today, the State Senate responded to the capital gains tax bill passed by the House yesterday with a “Do...Read More

Capital gains tax passes House, heads to Senate for concurrence 

After several hours of debate, the House passed the Senate’s capital gains tax bill Wednesday in a 52-46 vote, bringing Democrats one step closer to rebalancing Washington’s...Read More

Op-ed: The Working Families Tax Credit is an investment in Washington’s recovery

We all know the massive toll that COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout have taken on us all. But at long last, we are starting...Read More

Op-ed: State lawmakers have the right budget approach for our recovery

State policies – backed up by investments in the state budget – are moral documents, and they have the power to support a better life...Read More

Q&A: Sen. Christine Rolfes answers questions on the Senate Democrats’ 2021-2023 Operating Budget

As chair the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Senator Christine Rolfes (D – Bainbridge Island) is the majority’s lead budget writer. Last week Senate Democrats...Read More

Economic relationships amid COVID: The K-shaped recovery

In a K-shaped recovery, there is a separate trajectory for different segments of the economy. Economic and political relationships play a role in shaping that...Read More

Report: Washington State’s safety net serves workers better than any other state

A recent Oxfam America report ranks Washington State as having the best safety net in the country for workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In determining...Read More

Capital gains: Where one vote makes a difference

It’s a cliché to think that one’s vote doesn’t make much of a difference in our politics. In many instances, that is true. Whether you...Read More

Washington’s latest economic review: positive indicators amid ongoing uncertainty

The Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council (ERFC) released their latest economic review this week, finding positive trends in the context of ongoing economic...Read More

“Never again” – Frame on the state dealing with a crisis without progressive revenue options

Rep. Noel Frame and Rep. Tana Senn answered questions Tuesday on the capital gains tax bills moving through the Legislature. At a briefing hosted by...Read More