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Q&A: Manka Dhingra makes the case for three behavioral health bills headed to executive session

Senator Manka Dhingra is the Chair of the Senate Behavioral Health Subcommittee to Health & Long Term Care. Today, the Committee held public hearings for...Read More

Republican leaders discuss legislative goals for 2021 session

Leaders from the House and Senate Republican Caucuses — House Minority Leader JT Wilcox, Senate Minority Leader John Braun, House Minority Floor Leader Jacquelin Maycumber,...Read More

Democratic leaders discuss legislative goals for 2021 session

Leaders from the House and Senate Democratic Caucuses — Speaker Laurie Jinkins, Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig, House Majority Floor Leader Monica Stonier, and Senate...Read More

Bill would establish new deadline for the submission of redistricting plans

A bill moving through the state Senate would cement a new deadline for local jurisdictions to submit redistricting plans following the 2020 census. The bill...Read More

Q&A: Denny Heck looks ahead to his first term as Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor-Elect Denny Heck will be sworn in as the 17th Lieutenant Governor of Washington on Wednesday. Heck will preside over a Senate convening under...Read More

Frockt and Stokesbary discuss health care financing heading into 2021 session

Sen. David Frockt (Vice Chair Senate Ways and Means Committee) and Rep. Drew Stokesbary (Ranking Member, House Appropriations Committee) agree that Washington State’s health care...Read More

Q&A: Commerce Director Lisa Brown on policy making in 2021

Lisa Brown is the Director of the Washington State Department of Commerce (COM). COM works with local governments and businesses to enhance sustainability and economic...Read More

A few notable prefiled bills

Legislators have prefiled 134 bills for introduction during the 2021 session. Republican Rep. Blad Klippert has prefiled the most bills thus far with ten, followed...Read More

Schrier bill aims to reduce methane emissions in “cow burps”

Congresswoman Kim Schrier (8th CD) announced today that she has introduced legislation to provide funds to study methods to reduce agricultural methane emissions, namely “cow...Read More

Billig and Salomon legislation would change effective date of growth planning actions under the GMA

Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and Senator Jesse Salomon have pre-filed a bill that would change the effective date of certain planning actions under the...Read More