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2019 Re-wire Policy Conference Lunch Keynote: Looking ahead to the 2020 Legislature

What might we expect from the 2020 legislature? Will we see a significant “lift” in terms of legislation? Will new political contention arise as a...Read More

Rep. Drew Hansen responds to proposed repeal of education investment surcharge

In recent comments made to the Wire, Representative Drew Hansen, Democrat of Bainbridge Island, responded to a bill announced last week that would repeal an...Read More

What You Missed: 2019 Re-Wire Policy Conference

We hosted the 2019 Re-Wire Policy Conference on December 10th in SeaTac. With over 250 attendees, including over 25 elected officials, this event was one...Read More

Op-ed: “Regulation is key to reducing transportation emissions”

Burning gasoline and diesel in our cars and trucks is Washington State’s single biggest source of carbon emissions.  State government efforts to accelerate the transition...Read More

Op-ed: “New Organization Educates About Harm of Rent Control, Need for Housing”

Thousands of people move to Washington state every year but there aren’t enough rental homes for everybody who needs one. Washington’s population has grown by...Read More

Morning Wire: 2019 Re-Wire Policy Conference

Since we are one week out from our 2019 Re-Wire Policy Conference, and since the event tees up some of the most important topics worth...Read More

How increasing diversity is changing Olympia

The changing demographics of the legislative community are increasingly reflective of the changing composition of Washington State’s communities. Around the country and in Washington State, these...Read More

Morning Wire: 2020 race for governor, Committee days, the implications of a Capital Gains Tax

We re-launched the Wire about this time three years ago. Our goal was and is to provide an additional, thoughtful voice to cover state politics,...Read More

Health Committee talks behavioral health workforce

Last week the House Health Care & Wellness Committee held a work session to discuss, among several topics, health care workforce development in the state. The meeting...Read More

House Appropriations Committee reviews SEBB updates

The House Appropriations Committee convened a Work Session meeting with members of the Office of Program Research (OPR) for a presentation on  K-12 special education...Read More