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Public weighs in on a simple majority for school-district bonds

Washington’s House Education Committee heard public testimony Thursday on a bill that would allow a simple majority of voters to pass school district bonds. As...Read More

Jaime Herrera Beutler’s statement on President’s national emergency declaration

U.S. Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler released the following statement in response to the president’s intent to declare a national emergency to fund border security....Read More

Inslee statement on President Trump’s emergency declaration

Below is a press statement, provided by the Office of Washington Governor Jay Inslee, regarding President Trump’s plan to declare a national emergency (read coverage...Read More

Boldt: SB 5905 & “The rise of the Luddite Democrats”

Senator Saldaña and her colleagues want to demand that the ports of Washington State never use advanced technology to load and unload cargo. Ports are...Read More

Senate legislation would protect vulnerable employees from sexual harassment

Having passed off the Senate floor, SB 5258 now heads to the House for further consideration....Read More

AG Ferguson addresses sheriffs refusing to enforce I-1639

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued an open letter Tuesday to law enforcement regarding I-1639, the comprehensive gun safety initiative that voters approved in 2018....Read More

House Democrats’ affordable-housing package

An affordable housing shortage and rise of homelessness in Washington are well-known priorities on both sides of the aisle this session — both parties have...Read More

Morning Wire: Q&A with Rep. Paul Harris, Modernizing Redistricting, “Faithless Electors”

Sara Gentzler here, the Wire’s Olympia-based reporter. You might recognize me from the Capitol campus, I’m set up with my laptop in Pritchard or the cafe in the dome most days....Read More

Five key takeaways from our series on redistricting

“I now urge the Legislature to pass promptly a legislative redistricting bill which will obey the mandates of the state and federal constitutions, provide equitable...Read More

Comparing 1965 with 2012: Lessons on redistricting

During our interview with Slade Gorton, and in his biography by John C. Hughes, Gorton said that one of his goals in the 1965 redistricting...Read More