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Podcast: A Conversation with Kan Qiu

Kan Qiu helped lead the coalition — Washington Asians for Equality — behind the Referendum-88 campaign, overturning the legislature’s affirmative action policy which passed late...Read More

Podcast: A Conversation with Joshua Freed

Former Bothell Mayor Joshua Freed is running for governor in 2020 and centering his platform around the homelessness crisis. He is building a campaign in the...Read More

Podcast: Republican Health Policy Leadership

Earlier this month, our sister site hosted the 2019 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference. We recorded this podcast during the “Policy Leadership: Republicans”...Read More

Podcast: A Conversation with the 2018 Legislators-Elect

At the 2018 Re-Wire Policy Conference, we sat down with four of the state’s brand new legislators for our “A Conversation with the 2018 Legislators-Elect”...Read More

Podcast: A Conversation with Rep. Nicole Macri on Homelessness

Representative Nicole Macri represents the 43rd Legislative District, covering parts of Seattle including Downtown, the University District, and Green Lake. Macri serves as the Vice Chair...Read More

Podcast: A Conversation with Senator Annette Cleveland on Healthcare

Senator Annette Cleveland is the Chair of the Washington State Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee. She also serves as a member of the...Read More

Podcast: Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon on 2018 and beyond

This podcast features Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon discussing the climate issues he's worked on and the midterm elections....Read More

Podcast: A Conversation with Senator Guy Palumbo on Carbon

In this podcast, we chat with Senator Palumbo about the work done during the 2018 session to try to pass a carbon tax, and the...Read More

Podcast: Looking Ahead to the 2018 Elections

The 2018 legislative and congressional elections will be some of the most active, high cost, and potentially divisive in recent memory. With midterm elections right...Read More

Podcast: Local Government in a Time of President Trump

 No matter your opinion of President Trump, there’s no denying that he is disrupting normal operating procedure at the federal level, and that has...Read More