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Podcast: Local Government in a Time of President Trump

No matter your opinion of President Trump, there’s no denying that he is disrupting normal operating procedure at the federal level, and that has consequences at all levels of government. We hear from four local political leaders on the challenges facing their cities and countries during this time of President Trump.

Pierce County Councilmember Derek Young explains how the Trump Administration’s stance on the ACA has impacted coverage and behavioral health at the local level, explaining:

“The unpredictability is real and we need to get back to the old way of doing business with either party in power.”

Spokane City Councilmember Breean Beggs addresses the question of how do you create good policy and have it be politically acceptable, while King County Council Chair Joe McDermott discusses the necessity of providing leadership.

Snohomish County Councilmember Terry Ryan addresses federal funding issues against a backdrop of an increasing population and increasing infrastructure needs.