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Podcast: In the Weeds with Rep. Noel Frame

Washington Representative Noel Frame from the 36th Legislative District may be new to the State Legislature, but she has years of political experience as a...Read More

Podcast: Rep. Joe Schmick on Washington State Policy and Politics

Now that’s the nicest way I’ve ever heard anyone say ‘You’re a bold-faced liar.’ Representative Joe Schmick (R-Colfax) tells us the story behind that comment,...Read More

Podcast: Axelrod interviews Sen. Patty Murray

David Axelrod’s “Axe Files” is one of the most important podcasts in America today. It includes a set of interviews with folks from across the...Read More

Podcast: Axelrod interviews Jay Inslee

David Axelrod is creating one of the more interesting set of podcast interviews of our time.  His series, “The Axe Files,” has covered 171 episodes...Read More

Podcast: Cary Moon on running for Seattle mayor

Cary Moon is running to be the next mayor of Seattle. She got through the 2017 mayoral primary out of a field of 21 candidates....Read More

Podcast: State Senator Mike Padden on the last legislative session

We visited State Senator Mike Padden in his district office in Spokane Valley.  In this podcast interview, Padden talks through the details and implications of...Read More

A Conversation with David Postman, Chief of Staff to Gov. Inslee

Usually, if you know the name of the Governor’s Chief of Staff, it’s because you’re either an Olympia insider – or because something really bad...Read More

Jenny Durkan on her campaign for Seattle mayor

Jenny Durkan is one of the candidates running to become the next mayor of Seattle.  She out-polled 20 other candidates at the ballot box in...Read More

Durkan on Seattle’s emergency preparedness: “It’s not good news”

This week, we interviewed Seattle mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan for the Washington State Wire Podcast. We’ll be releasing the full interview next week, but with...Read More

Seattle Mayoral Election: Primary Night Election Parties

August 1 was the primary election and we’ve been watching several races here at the Wire, including the crowded race to become the next mayor...Read More