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Q&A: Rep. June Robinson on health care, homelessness, and the House Speaker election

Representative June Robinson represents Washington’s 38th Legislative District in Snohomish County. She serves as both a member of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee...Read More

Cambia Grove holds kick-off conversation on Washington’s public option

On Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Jay Inslee was joined by a group of legislators, patients, and state health leaders to discuss the roll-out of the Legislature’s...Read More

Ferguson files 38th lawsuit against Trump Administration, challenging “conscience rule”

The lawsuit, filed in Spokane, challenges the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) recently issued “conscience rule,” which allows health professionals to delay...Read More

Four important things you may have missed about Washington State’s public option bill

For all of the gnashing of teeth by some around this year's "public option" legislation, I think it's possible this legislation will prove itself to...Read More

What’s in Washington’s passed public option bill

Washington’s public option bill passed through both chambers on the penultimate day of session, April 27. The bill now awaits the governor’s signature....Read More

Op-ed: Actionable data emphasis needed in national healthcare reform debate

Karen Ferguson on the national health care debate from a medical technology & rural clinical perspective...Read More

Q&A: Sen. Randi Becker on telemedicine & mental health this session

"My vision is: In the future, we’ll probably never have to go see a doctor. That doctor will be available to us, probably, 24/7."...Read More

Playing cards, rallies, & rest breaks for hospital staff

What looks like a resolution for one of the central narratives in Olympia this week: A bill related to rest breaks and mandatory-overtime protections for...Read More

Washington’s health care community unites to oppose Medicaid budget cuts

In a series of letters sent to legislators, members of Washington’s health care community have come together to oppose cuts to the state’s Medicaid program...Read More

Sen. Walsh’s statement regarding House Bill 1155

"I want to offer my heartfelt apologies to those I offended with my comments on the Senate floor last Tuesday. I was tired, and in...Read More