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Superintendent Reykdal releases budget priorities

Superintendent Chris Reykdal released his top budget priorities for the 2020 legislative session in the following news bulletin: Increasing equity in school nursing services. Investing in...Read More

Senate unanimously passes school safety bill

The Washington Senate voted unanimously Friday to pass a bill with the goal to increase safety at schools across the state. The bill, which had...Read More

Sen. John Braun responds to Ways & Means levy-lid lift passage

Early Wednesday morning, the Senate Ways and Means Committee voted out a bill that would raise the maximum amount that Washington State school districts can...Read More

Senate passes school-safety bills

Washington’s State Senate passed three bills related to safety in schools this week, adding to a broad list of measures in-motion that address different topics...Read More

Washington one step closer to comprehensive sex ed in public schools

A bill requiring Washington’s public schools to provide “comprehensive sexual health education” passed off the Senate floor Wednesday. Providing sexual health education is currently optional...Read More

Mayor Durkan highlights homelessness, education, and Seattle’s future in State of the City address

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan delivered her State of the City address on Tuesday at North Seattle College. The 40-minute speech focused on homelessness and affordable...Read More

Public weighs in on a simple majority for school-district bonds

Washington’s House Education Committee heard public testimony Thursday on a bill that would allow a simple majority of voters to pass school district bonds. As...Read More

Wire Insider: Shirline Wilson, Washington State Executive Director of Democrats for Education Reform

Shirline Wilson, Washington State Executive Director of Democrats for Education Reform, joins us as a “Wire Insider” to discuss equity in education in post-McCleary Washington...Read More

Task force narrows recommendations for improving school-construction funding

The Improving State Funding for School Construction Joint Legislative Task Force held a meeting yesterday, in which members discussed recommendations due to the legislature December...Read More

New report urges for more efforts to close performance gaps for Washington students

A new legislative report from the Washington State Board of Education (SBE) shows mixed results on progress toward the state’s 10-year goal to close performance...Read More