Gov. Jay Inslee criticizes Senate’s proposed cuts to Western State Hospital

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Senate transportation budget faces criticism at public hearing for proposed actions on collective bargaining

Leaders in Washington transportation expressed their support or opposition to the Senate’s proposed transportation budget Tuesday afternoon. The budget appropriates $8.4 billion for the upcoming...Read More

The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus presented their proposal for the 2017-2019 budget Tuesday. (Photo by Erin Fenner.)

Senate majority releases their proposed budget

The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus released their proposed budget Tuesday morning that would increase property taxes as a major revenue mechanism, saying it will meet...Read More

Screencapture of the Senate Transportation Committee's 2017-19 proposed budget.

Proposed Senate transportation budget at $8.4 billion

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Roanoke Conference: GOP panelists say income tax fight on horizon

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Uncertainty at the state level on how Congress plans to replace ACA

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How would Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed carbon tax work?

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Gov. Jay Inslee makes push for his budget plan, GOP not on board

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Two bills that were introduced on Day 1 of the state legislative session

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Budget Agreement: Will They or Won’t They?

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