Roanoke Conference: GOP panelists say income tax fight on horizon

Panelists at the annual Roanoke Conference discussed how they would push against a hypothetical income tax proposal Saturday. Gov. Jay Inslee and Democratic lawmakers have proposed using a capital gains tax to help fund education during the 2017 session. Lawmakers are working to find a solution to fund education, pressed under the McCleary Decision that...Read More

Uncertainty at the state level on how Congress plans to replace ACA

State lawmakers said they don’t know how to prepare the state for an Affordable Care Act replacement, because they don’t know what that could even look like. In the respective Democratic and Republican leadership press conferences Tuesday, state lawmakers said they were focused on state issues since they don’t know what to expect from Congress...Read More

How would Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed carbon tax work?

A presentation of Gov. Jay Inslee’s carbon tax proposal was met with a mix of skepticism and praise at the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications committee work session Thursday. The tax would amount to $25 per ton of fossil fuels (which could add about 25 cents per gallon of gas at the pump) and increase...Read More

Gov. Jay Inslee makes push for his budget plan, GOP not on board

Gov. Jay Inslee largely focused on his proposed budget for the 2017 State of the State. Though he touched on the economy, mental health care and national politics, most of the speech was centered on how he wants to use tax increases (including a new carbon tax, a capital gains tax and a hike on...Read More

Two bills that were introduced on Day 1 of the state legislative session

The 2017 Washington state legislative session is officially underway and lawmakers have already introduced dozens of bills. The first day of the session was largely occupied by swearing in lawmakers, but hefty policy proposals on education from Democrats and Republicans are expected in the first weeks. In the meantime, here’s a couple thing lawmakers filed before session...Read More

Weekend buzzkill: gas tax and licensing fee increases take effect this Friday

This holiday weekend, commemorate your independence by paying more in taxes. On Friday, July 1st, your gas tax and car licensing fees are going up....Read More

More Good News in the Monthly State Economic and Revenue Update; Cumulative Collections Beat Forecast by 3.8 Percent

The economic report for the state contained a few cautionary signals....Read More

Washington Braces For Wildfire Season

Last year’s wildfire havoc was the worst in state history. One million acres burned, costing the state $178 million. After last year’s wildfires state legislators approved several wildfire reforms directed at the State Department of Natural Resources. A tamer wildfire season could also provide financial relief for the U.S. Forest Service. Last year over half the entire USFS budget was spent fighting wildfires in states like Washington and California....Read More

Boeing Saved $305M from Tax Credits in 2015 – Union Calls That a ‘Bad Return’

“As a state, we sent $305 million to Boeing headquarters in Chicago last year, and in return we lost 1,520 jobs,” said IAM 751 President Jon Holden. But Bill McSherry, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Vice President, argues the tax breaks bring far more benefits to the state than the taxes lost....Read More

Constitutional Amendment a Must for Balancing State Budget

The state budget covers two years at a time, so why make budget writers look ahead further? It’s because the decade preceding 2013 often saw legislators propose or make spending choices that would balloon in the next budget cycle. That’s why we will push the next Legislature to ask voters to weigh in on a constitutional amendment we propose, requiring the state budget to balance across four years...Read More