Upcoming Conference | 2019 Re-Wire Policy Conference, Dec 10, 2019 Register

Why we support the Washington State Wire and Re-Wire

As the state association for all nonprofits in Washington State, Washington Nonprofits is pleased to partner with Washington State Wire in support of the 2019 Re-Wire Policy Conference.

Washington State Wire is a key resource for Washington State public policy and political reporting. Each day’s newsletter contains the major stories driving Olympia and provides insight and perspective unique to the Wire’s access among policy makers. The Wire’s daily reporting enables our organization to keep on top of the major issues impacting our state’s public policy landscape, which helps us better serve and represent nonprofits throughout Washington State.

For nonprofit organizations seeking a way to bridge the physical distance between their offices and Olympia, Washington State Wire is the news source to do so.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Re-Wire conference. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to connect with policymakers and to learn about the legislature’s plans for the upcoming legislative session.

In 2017, my team and I were all new to Washington State’s public policy community. When we attended the conference, we truly felt “at the table” and “in the know” because of the briefings, connections we made, and the opportunities to share information about the key policy issues facing by nonprofit organizations. We found the Re-Wire Conference to be a valuable opportunity for learning, networking, and raising the nonprofit sector’s visibility.

We strongly encourage nonprofit organizations to attend this year’s conference so that we can “be at the table” and collectively work to raise our sector’s profile among our state’s policymakers.