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A Conversation with David Postman, Chief of Staff to Gov. Inslee

Usually, if you know the name of the Governor’s Chief of Staff, it’s because you’re either an Olympia insider – or because something really bad has happened in the governor’s office.  So, it’s probably a good thing that you may not have heard much from David Postman, Gov. Inslee’s top staff person.

All state government reports to Gov. Inslee through his Chief of Staff.  So, David Postman has a full plate, to be sure.  This interview is, consequently, his longest, most complete interview he has ever given in the role of Chief of Staff.

It’s why we’re so tremendously honored to bring you this podcast.  We cover state policy issues, the mechanics of running the government, and other topics like the role of media in our republic today.

This is well worth a listen.