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Oregon Passes Recreational Cannabis Use Law, OLCC Reaches Out To Washington For Input and Lessons

It Passed: Voters in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. have voted to approve sweeping pro-cannabis legalization. Oregonians defied recent surveys and said yes to recreational...Read More

If It Weren’t Cannabis It Would Be a Cool, With Recreational Cannabis, It’s a Big Deal

Cannabis Is Not Booze The award would mean less, or might not exist in the decades old legal alcohol regulatory world. But where the “intoxicant/medicine”...Read More

New “Business Only” Cannabis Association In Washington Is All Business-No Free Cups or Mouse Pads

Even If LCB Isn’t Ready, WaCa Will Be Even though the Liquor Control Board (LCB) has yet to provide a smooth and supplied retail regulatory...Read More

Emergency Cannibis Testing Lab Rule Goes Into Effect Today

Emergency Rule Regarding Good Laboratory Practices Checklist The Washington State Liquor Control Board filed an Emergency Rule with the Code Reviser’s Office for the Good...Read More

It’s A Party? A Marijuana Party? A Political Party? Seriously

Party Designation: Candidacy Form The official form used for filing for elected office in Washington State is uniform. It’s the same from big time Congressional...Read More

Cannabis Training Institute Names Former Seattle Mayor Michael McGinn To Advisory Board. Jeff Tice To Serve With McGinn

Cannabis Training Institute (CTI)* has named new members to its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board provides expert advice and peer review of all CTI course...Read More

Cannabis Wire On Hiatis. Be Back In Two Weeks…Or The Next Big Move For 502 And MMJ

Over the next two weeks we are realigning a lot of our platform and personnel here at Washington State Wire and Cannabis Wire. However, we...Read More

Who Killed Sun Grown Cannabis?-Guest Comment, Okanogan Cannabis Assocaition

Washington will have missed out on a historic opportunity It appears that the roll-out for Washington’s legal marijuana will be a whimper at most, with...Read More

Liquor Board Holds Executive Team Meeting And Hears Legislative Report From Staff. “Beyond Our Control”

Two Minutes Out Of Forty-Five On MMJ You would have thought the most important legislative issue for the Washington Liquor Board, (LCB) the agency responsible...Read More

Let’s All Do An Autopsy: SB 5887 — the Legislature Failed

Success Has A Thousand Fathers, Failure Is Born A Bastard We watched it all the way through. We seldom ran to the keyboard to post...Read More