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Washington lawmakers fight to protect marijuana industry

In response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s announcement rescinding the Cole Memo in January, Washington lawmakers have sponsored a bill that would put a roadblock...Read More

Inslee statement on Attorney General Sessions’ letter regarding Washington’s marijuana legalization efforts

Washington state has been a ground-breaking leader when it comes to implementing a whole new marketplace for recreational marijuana. I am incredibly proud of the...Read More

Sessions comments on marijuana, but doesn’t outline policy plan

The legal marijuana industry is still waiting to for a definitive answer when it comes to how the White House will treat the retail side...Read More

Will the Department of Justice crack down on Washington’s legal weed?

What is the future of the marijuana industry in Washington?...Read More

City Action Days: Panelists review issues ahead for municipalities

It may not feel like it, but there are pressing issues unrelated to funding education, and a panel at City Action Days, hosted by the...Read More

House committee hears bills that could help marijuana businesses expand

Lawmakers expressed a cautious interest in seeing the marijuana business expand in Washington at a set of House Commerce and Gaming committee hearings Tuesday. Six...Read More

Is Marijuana Necessary to Implement the Budget?

A last minute effort to reform Washington's marijuana market was brought forth this week. Following failed efforts earlier this session, Representative Chris Hurst, D-Enumclaw, and...Read More

Tribal Cannabis Conference. With State Contract In Legislature And Possible On-Site Tribal Retail And Consumptive Venues This Should Be Informative.

A Lot Of Cannabis Action With major cannabis bills moving through the legislature including a Tribal/State Contract bill, Washington State is poised to lead the...Read More

SB 5848 “Theoretically” Could Allow Cannabis Consumption At Tribal Venues. New Bill Sets Stage For Tribal Participation In Cannabis Industry, Exempts Tribes From Cannabis Taxes:

Tribes And Cannabis Washington tribes have been players in the state’s cannabis experiment since the ballot measures. The Yakimas openly expressing concern of the impact...Read More

Analysis SB 5858: Cannabis Industry Committee Bill-All Industry, No Customer

Yet, Another Cannabis Committee? This morning on the new introductions list was a bill sponsored by Senator Rivers and Senator Kohl-Welles. If passed, it will...Read More