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What are the implications of a Capital Gains Tax in Washington State?

True to form, the 2019 Re-Wire Policy Conference will serve as a platform for conversations that could feature prominently during the upcoming legislative session. One such conversation surrounds the implications of a Capital Gains Tax in Washington State. Talk of a Capital Gains Tax has permeated Washington State policy circles. 

With a pending debate on a possible Capital Gains Tax in the state, this session will explore the legal, fiscal, and economic implications of such a tax. A strong Democratic majority in 2019 wasn’t enough to push Governor Inslee’s proposal through the finish line. Will it be enough in 2020?

This session’s panelists will be: 

Rep. Gael Tarleton: Chair, House Finance Committee

Paul Guppy: Vice President, Washington Policy Center

Andy Nicholas: Senior Fellow, Washington Budget and Policy Center 

This will be a discussion between people who each bring observational and analytical rigor to the political conversation surrounding tax policy in Washington State. Come with your questions to what may be the most prominent issue of the 2020 session. 

The panel will convene at 10:30 AM at the Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center.

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