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Morning Wire: Election Night in Washington

It feels like, regardless of who wins this year at any level of government, that one chapter of our American story is ending – and another is set to begin.

It also feels like the eye of the hurricane. The skies are calm. Things are momentarily on pause. But we know the power of the storm that lies just hours ahead. 

One thing to not take lightly, however, is that we are all going through this together, and we are all going to get through it, together.

At the moment, we’re finalizing our preparations for our 3-hour election night coverage, “Election Night in Washington,” airing from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

This will be the most comprehensive – and most ambitious – election night coverage in Washington State, dedicated primarily to our state’s election season and results.

You can watch our show live on TVW or webcast at the Wire.

If you join us at the Wire, we’ll be able to take your real-time questions and incorporate those into our on-air interviews. You will get plugged in directly to the conversation.

We’ve lined up a number of key voices from this year’s campaign, ranging from Sen. Jamie Pederson to Rep. JT Wilcox.

We plan to hear from Lt. Governor candidates, OSPI candidates, and Secretary of State candidates. 

We’ll also go live on the ground to hear from political figures in places like Texas and Arizona, and keep you up-to-date as the Electoral College count gets updated.

In fact, we’re going to give you a very detailed run down of how the Electoral College works, and its timeline over the next two months, so that as challenges to election returns come up, you’ll know exactly how to expect the process to play out.

So, we’d love to have you with us tonight – either through our partner, TVW, or via our site at the Washington State Wire.

Thanks, and best of luck to us all. 

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