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Idaho Governor’s Son to Chair Washington Policy Center

John Otter has been appointed as chairman of the Washington Policy Center (WPC)  one of Washington State’s most prominent think tanks.  The conservative, pro-business WPC focuses on economic issues, including labor issues, taxation, environmental issues, education reform and others.

John Otter is the son of Idaho Governor Butch Otter.  According to the WPC, Otter is “the Chief Executive Officer and President of CBC Partners, LLC., a capital investment lender for high-growth, middle-market companies in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.”

In a statement, Otter said:

“We have the unique freedom to leverage our individual initiative to make for a better society.  As Chairman, I am proud to be a part of Washington Policy Center, one of our nation’s premier state-level policy organizations, as we harness the power of information to lead Washingtonians to a more responsible and limited government.”

Otter has served on the board of directors at WPC since 2009.