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How WA residents are feeling in 2021 according to a new Crosscut/Elway poll

A majority of people surveyed in Washington state don’t approve of Gov. Jay Inslee, but do think their own community will improve over the next year, and do think the history of race relations are an important part of American history, according to a new Crosscut/Elway poll

Those are among some of the findings in the 2021 Washington State Political Attitudes poll, which asked 400 registered voters across the state about their opinions on a number of issues. While those polled said they believe the next year will be better for their household and community, only 46% said the U.S. would be better off over the next year, compared to 50% who expected things to worsen. 

Among those who thought things will get better in their community, COVID-19 going away was the top reason given, accounting for 42%, followed by an improving economy with 25% and national politics and community conditions getting better, both at 18%. For those who feel things will get worse, 46% were worried about the state of national politics, 34% about the economy, 27% about state and local government, and 25% about community conditions. 

When asked how they felt Jay Insee was doing as Governor, 45% viewed him in a positive light while 54% had a negative opinion. 

More people than not in the poll felt that their local economy, social services and health needs, infrastructure and race relations were improving. At the same time, on the issues of crime, homelessness, community influence on state politics and policing, more people than not said their communities were losing ground. 


On race, 83% of people polled said slavery and the history of race relations are an important part of American history and should be taught as such in schools, while only 11% disagreed, and 6% had no opinion. 

On climate, 64% of people polled said climate change is a serious threat that requires significant government action, while 32% disagreed. 


When asked about immigration, 49% of people said they agreed when asked whether “illegal immigration is a serious threat to the American way of life” compared to 45% who disagreed. And on racial discrimination, 46% said racial discrimination is the main reason why many minorities can’t get ahead, while 43% said minorities who can’t get ahead are mostly responsible for their own condition. 

People also felt better represented by their state government than by their federal representatives, as shown in these images. 


Of those who responded to the poll, 36% identified as Democrat, 18% as Republican, 33% as Independent and 13% chose not to answer. Of the respondents, 29% came from King county, 50% came from other areas of Western Washington, and 21% were from Eastern Washington.

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