A screenshot of some of the discussion between the accounts of Rep. Matt Manweller and the Seattlish blog.

Equal Pay Day comment stirs up Twitter fight between Rep. Matt Manweller and Seattlish

A sparring match started Tuesday afternoon between the Twitter account of Rep. Matt Manweller’s and the Seattlish blog, following a KUOW segment where Manweller said the gender pay gap is a thing of the past.

The Ellensburg Republican responded, through Twitter, to people who disputed his claim. He cited articles from right-leaning organizations, Forbes and the Washington Post to back up his position.

The discussion got a tad more heated as more folks got involved, including the liberal-leaning publication Seattlish.

Then the argument veered away from equal pay.

Erin Fenner: erin@washingtonstatewire.com, @erinfenner

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