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Wire Insider: John Wyble, Moxie Media

John Wyble is a Partner at Moxie Media.  He formerly led WinPower Strategies up until recently when joined Moxie, a firm he was a partner at over a decade ago.

Wyble has over 30 years of experience in campaign consulting and has worked on the candidate campaigns for Senator Maria Cantwell, Representative Norm Dicks, Mayor Greg Nickels, Mayor Mike McGinn, and Speaker Frank Chopp.

He joins us on this edition of “Wire Insider” to discuss the continued polarization of our politics.

“The polarization of this country keeps me up at night. I mean, I think it’s really damaging for a democracy. I think social media, for a long time I thought it was very beneficial and a way for people to communicate and network. I started to get nervous about the programming that people get from consistently getting similar, repetitive messages on values that they basically already believe.

One of the great things about this conference is hearing a lot of differences of opinions. That’s good, but that’s not what’s happening out in the world, and that keeps me up at night. And what’s our responsibility for communications professionals to not further that polarization, further the divisiveness and build trust in our civic institutions? Because if we don’t do that and they fray and falter, I don’t know what that would mean for this country.

And I think there’s obviously some actors that need to stop. You know, we’ve seen a 20-25 year campaign to erode trust in government. I think that campaign has won, so they should stop now, because at some point that’s not helpful to our democracy, to our civic institutions, and to people in the United States.”

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