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We’re taking a few weeks off…

After a busy 105 -day session, and coming off of what was an active election season, our team at the Wire is going to take a few weeks away.

Instead of posting, we’ll be recharging.

Instead of writing, we’ll be reflecting.

Luckily, our business model at the Wire is not based on revenue from click bait or regular posts. Our support comes entirely from the success of our annual 2019 Re-Wire Policy Conference, later this year, on December 10th.

So, if you miss the regular reporting, the Daily Wire, and our Morning Wire email on Tuesdays, you can let us know by registering for our fall event!

Sure, it’s a ways away. But, it’s always smart to get something important on the calendar early…

So, with the session behind us, it’s a good time take a break. We’ll see you back here after Memorial Day.

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