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We’re Back, and 2015 Will Be a Barn-Burner!

WSWThis week we have introduced you to our new lead reporter, Peter Jensen, who will begin reporting on October 13. In weeks to come we will introduce you to a few new contributors, and a new website design. And we’re ready to tell the rest of the story about Washington State government’s impacts on our lives, our businesses, and our beautiful state.

Washington State Wire’s original and consistent mission is to be the gateway to Washington State government and all it touches, does, and causes. We seek to use new tools and networks to enhance accountability in government and state policy development. Whether it’s an ineffective government program, a private corporation or nonprofit organization manipulating state regulations, or an unconstitutional expansion by one branch of government, the Wire will be there, so you can be there. What we have learned in our almost five years of operation is if you put digital publishing, technology evolution, pressing public policy issues, and aggressive, over funded campaigns in a blender and push “High”; you get today’s reality. The information stew from which policy, revenue and administration seep is almost organic. It changes and adapts as fast as it is created. Our plan is to provide a site that will share the rest of the entire story with you, and afford you an easy access to others; blog rolls, posting of current and impactful third parties, and even a little humor once in a while.

The 2015 Session?

To prove you can never say, “We’ve seen it all…”, we thought the Great Recession legislative sessions were the worst and final pressure cooker for our state leaders. When we look at the 2015 and 2016 sessions we see an even greater challenge. What’s ahead are not just the usual fiscal, environmental, transportation, education, and community service issues, but new unprecedented challenges from climate change proposals to court budget mandates.

Our role as a creative state policy crucible is on the line. It appears that the chambers will be split again. The House will return with its insatiable desire to fix everything with a new policy, a new tax and new spending plan. The Senate, will return with either another coalition or an outright Republican majority adverse to raising taxes. And “No!” can’t be the Senate’s final answer to every policy question.  In any case, with the Supreme Court placing the Legislature in “time out” penalty, it will take some fancy law-making to allow legislators to keep their hands on the wheel of government. Both school funding and climate issues could end up at the ballot as narrowly and exclusively scripted proposals, further diminishing the intended role of the legislative branch. So get ready. I’ll be a barn-burner!

It’s Just A Conversation.

If the Legislature is truly just a conversation waiting to be implemented, let’s honor the process and have a full conversation. We at the Wire intend to participate so you can participate. You are welcome to help us as a supporter, or subscriber or advertiser. And we are serious when we invite you to guest post or offer an op-ed piece. Just remember, “It costs no more to tell the truth.”

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