Washington judge doesn’t extend injunction against Trump travel ban but Hawaiian judge blocks ban

The Trump Administration’s second iteration of a travel ban was blocked, as was the first ban, by a federal judge.

This time, though it was a Hawaiian judge who knocked down the ban. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s team was seeking to extend the initial injunction on the first ban on to the second, but Judge James Robart decided there was enough differences between the two bans so that his initial injunction wasn’t a fit, according to a tweet from the AG’s office.

The ban was set to take effect early Thursday morning. From the text of the ban:




On Wednesday, hours before it was set to take effect, the Hawaiian judge blocked the ban.

Ferguson celebrated the decision.

And Hawaii’s AG Doug Chin returned praise. His office also expressed gratitude for teamwork between states.

A case in Maryland against the Trump travel ban also didn’t go the president’s way. That court action was a narrower attack of the proposed ban, focusing specifically on whether visas could be issued to people from the six targeted countries, according to a Los Angeles Times story.