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US Rep. Heck to Trump: Resign, it will get worse

On Thursday night, in an interview on CNN Tonight, U.S. Representative Denny Heck (D-WA) called on President Trump to resign.

While speaking with CNN anchor Don Lemon, Congressman Heck said,

“Don, it gives me absolutely no joy, no psychic gratification whatsoever to say this — I think Donald Trump is manifestly unfit to be President of the United States. He had much higher approval ratings as a host on The Apprentice than he does as President of the United States. He’s not well suited for this job and I wish he’d have a conversation with his god and with himself and with his family about whether or not we would all be better served, frankly, if he would just resign.

This isn’t going anywhere good; this has been going on 15 months. The truth of the matter is, with the raid on the Cohen offices, the fact of the matter is that this is going to accumulate. This is rapidly becoming a question not of whether or not a crime was committed, but how many crimes were committed.”

When Lemon directly asked if Heck was calling on the President to resign, Heck replied,

“I think he should consider that for the best interest of the country.”

When asked if he thought that was a real possibility, Heck replied, “No, not at all Don.”

You can watch the full conversation below: