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Susan Hutchison stepping down as WSRP chairman

Susan Hutchison, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party since 2013, announced today that she will step down from her role on February 4, 2018.

In a press release announcing her departure, Hutchison said,

“The WSRP is in a robust financial position with a bright future. I expect that 2018 will result in many exciting wins for the GOP in our state—among them, Dino Rossi will hold the 8th Congressional seat, the Republicans will move into leadership in the State House of Representatives by flipping at least one seat, and there might even be some surprises in the State Senate.”

“I’m particularly proud of the talented men and women who serve alongside me. Together, we have grown the resources that political parties need to help candidates, volunteers and elected officials. Training, voter registration and identification, data, messaging and fundraising are some of the services we provide.”

Caleb Heimlich, WSRP Executive Director, remarked on Chairman Hutchison’s leadership saying,

“Whether at the State Committee meetings or the huge State Convention, Chairman Hutchison presides with strength and skill. Everyone trusts her to hold the balance between allowing every voice to be heard and maintaining order,” says Heimlich. “We all think she is a great leader.”

Hutchison is in her 5th year as Chairman. She also serves on the RNC Executive Committee as well as on the Transition Committee in 2017.

“I have loved this job–especially the challenges. I hope I will be remembered for being strong and courageous, standing up for Republican voters.”

The election for the new WSRP Chairman will take place at the winter State Committee meeting on January 20, 2018. Following a transition period, the new Chairman will start on February 5.

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