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Speaker Presentations now available from the 2018 Re-Wire Policy Conference

Yesterday we hosted our 2018 Re-Wire Policy Conference and it was one of the largest, most diverse convenings of senior executives and policy leaders in the state. It is always an honor to bring the different silos and parties together. Here are some of the presentation materials from the speakers at the event.

Is It Time for a Radical Change in the Approach to Homelessness?

  • Rep. Nicole Macri: Vice Chair, House Health Care & Wellness Committee
  • Ariane SchmidtRegional Project Manager, City of Spokane 
  • Mark Putnam: Executive Director, Accelerator YMCA
  • Sgt. Cole Langdon: Community Health and Safety Section, Lynnwood Police Department 

The Implications of the #metoo on Olympia

  • Sen. Karen Keiser: Chair, Senate Labor & Commerce Committee
  • Rebecca Johnson: Principal, RNJ Strategies
  • Heather Weiner: Partner, Moxie Media 

Orcas, Salmon, and Dams: Is a Balance Possible?

  • Joseph BogaardExecutive Director, SOWS
  • Bellamy Pailthorp: Environmental Reporter, KNKX
  • Chris Roden: Manager, Lewis County PUD

The Changing Nature of Labor Policy in Washington

  • Rep. Mia Gregerson: Vice Chair, House Labor and Workforce Standards Committee 
  • Jon DeVaney: President, Washington State Tree Fruit Association 
  • Stan SorscherLabor Representative, Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace
  • Nathan HambleyCommunications Manager, Pacific Northwest, Uber

The Next Steps on Climate, Clean Energy and Electrification

  • George CaanExecutive Director, Washington PUD Association
  • Rep. Beth Doglio: Member, Jt. Committee on Energy Supply & Energy Conservation 
  • Rep. Mary DyeMember, House Appropriations and Environment Committee

Will a Democratic Majority Address the Tax Structure?

  • Rep. Drew Stokesbary: Republican Floor Leader, Washington State House Representatives 
  • Marilyn Watkins, PhDPolicy Director, Economic Opportunity Institute

Fighting Boom and Bust: Budget Sustainability in the New Economy

  • Sen. John Braun: Ranking Member, Senate Ways & Means Committee
  • Sen. Christine Rolfes: Chair, Senate Ways & Means Committee
  • Misha Werschkul: Executive Director, Washington Budget and Policy Center