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Series: What the K-shaped recovery looks like

This week, we bring you a multi-media series focused on fiscal policy and the state of the COVID economy.

With the last five weeks of the legislative session teed up for a final push on tax policy and the key state budgets, our team wanted to put the legislative push in some context.

So, this week you’ll see our reporting on what the K-shaped recovery looks like from the view of front line workers, small business owners, and capital investors.

We bring you some analysis to put the conversation about Washington State tax policy in some perspective by comparing it to other states in the country. We’ll start our coverage with a two-part series looking at Washington State’s tax regime, and try to answer the question “Am I taxed too much?” by living in Washington State.

We’ll compare the Washington State safety net to other states for a sense of how well we make sure folks don’t fall through the cracks here during tough times.

We’ll bring you video stories and interviews on the joy and the struggle of running a small business. And, we’ll look at how the economies in Seattle and Bellevue are doing, comparing the two for lessons about growth.

Our hope is that this series can help further inform our community conversation about navigating through this K-shaped recovery, and help to provide meaningful context to the conversations in the Legislature as the session works through the budget process.

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