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Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson announces she will not seek re-election

Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson has announced she will not run for re-election this year.

In an emailed statement announcing her retirement from the legislature, Senator Nelson focused on the successes of the 2018 legislative session and the legislative goals she has met since becoming leader of the Senate Democrats.

“Five years ago, when I became leader, my goals were to build a strong caucus and to retake the majority and to show what that majority meant to the State of Washington. Because of each of you, my goals have been achieved…

Thus, it is time for me to return next year to being a wife, mother, grandmother and daughter…Simply said, I am not running for re-election to the Senate and looking forward to time with my family while all of you are in session next year!”

In response to the news of her retirement, Representative Laurie Jinkins tweeted,

“Sharon Nelson is the best possible mixture of fight, smarts, class, strategy, hard work and fun. What a loss for us but I am forever thankful for the victories she brought us.”

Nelson’s announcement goes on to say that a new leader will not be elected until the week of November 12th, after election results are available.

Senator Nelson joins former House Minority Leader Dan Kristiansen and at least 10 other legislators that have announced their retirement this year.