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Sen. Nelson says major tax reform won’t happen in 2018 session

Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson says not to expect any major tax system changes during this legislative session. Yesterday morning, during a Democratic leadership press conference, Senator Nelson said that though an overhaul of Washington’s tax system is needed, it’s not going to happen this year.

“I think we need a broader overhaul of the tax system. We have the most regressive tax structure in the United States. But that will take some time and effort and it’s not something we will get done in 60 days,” said Senator Nelson. “We’re going to be forming a task force in the Senate, and hopefully we’ll be working with our counterparts in the House to start that effort. But in the meantime we’ll be looking at tax exemptions that aren’t being used or that can be repealed that are not effective in delivering what was promised when they were passed, as a way to go ahead and pick up revenue.”

Democrats have already put forth several bills that seek to raise revenue by narrowing and eliminating certain tax exemptions.