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Paid Family Medical Leave Act rulemaking solicits feedback from small businesses

The first phase of rulemaking for the program ended in May 2018 and covered Collective bargaining agreements, premium liability, and voluntary plans. Details about phase...Read More

Pols turn out for Pacific County Democratic crab feed

Statewide office seekers joined local Democrats Saturday in South Bend for crab and toward the end of the evening the St. Paddy’s Day miracle of free beer. To...Read More

Breastfeeding: A public/political debate! May I comment?

Article by WashingtonStateWire. Published on Saturday, November 12, 2011 EST.Me, Comment On Breast Feeding? May I? It is time to comment on a story pushed...Read More

House Tax Structure Work Group wants to continue meeting with taxpayers

The House Tax Structure Work Group adopted its final report Monday in a five-minute meeting -- the work group’s co-chairs, Reps. Noel Frame and Terry...Read More

Morning Wire: Keynotes for Re-Wire, legislators-elect, post-1631 carbon policy

This issue features a number of the topics and people you’ll be hearing about in the 2019 legislative session. They are also the people and topics you’ll...Read More

Washington L&I closing in on changes to overtime exemptions

As the 2019 legislative session fast approaches, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries is in its final stages of refining major labor-law rule...Read More

Initiative 1631 is garnering national press; here’s what they’re saying

State initiatives typically get local press leading up to an election. This year’s Washington State Initiative 1631, better known as the carbon fee initiative, is...Read More

Morning Wire: The 32nd LD race, Rep. Nicole Macri, Congressional debates

In this edition of the Morning Wire we have a White House event on Washington State, election observations, and a podcast with one of the...Read More

Morning Wire: Changes to state labor law, Paine Field, and Congress disruptors

We try to cover the politics, personalities and political economy of the State of Washington.  We also try to curate for you interesting news bites...Read More

This new rule is the biggest change in state labor law since the $15 minimum wage

In what has the potential to be the most significant change in labor law since the advent of the $15 minimum wage, the Washington State...Read More